Soundtrack for a Revolution


On December 1, 2018, The Catch Ministry, Inc. enters a new era. We will be launching an online radio station which will be a new expression of Grace Turned Outward to the World. The station will be called Music the Matters, a name that describes exactly what kind of music we will be playing. We will be playing music that matters from any era and from anybody. You will be hearing music from artists you love that you may not have heard from in a long time, followed by music so new, you’ve never heard it before. You will hear a secular rap song up next to a song by Nancy Honeytree, but whatever you hear, it will have this one thing in common with every other song on this station … it will matter. 

Music that Matters Radio has the support and participation of many of the original Jesus Music artists such as Barry McGuire, Randy Stonehill, Paul Clark, and of course will be featuring songs by Larry Norman, Keith Green and Rich Mullins, artists who died too soon for those of us who love their music. Just as importantly, there will be songs by current artists such as Toby Mac, La Crae, and Kirk Franklin. Not to mention a good number of secular songs thrown in — songs by Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, U2, and Dirty Money — songs that, if they don’t present an answer, are nonetheless asking the right questions. There are so many truthful songs in secular music that putting them in a different context will help show off their true colors. These are songs that make you think. Songs that matter.


Though music will be the anchor of the station, we will have some talk — stimulating, thought-provoking. Hosted radio shows and interviews will center around the singer/songwriters, speakers, and influencers’ experiences at the time when Jesus Music was being born. Where have their paths led them over the years, and ultimately where do they see Christianity moving to or away from in the next decades. These are people with very distinct views of Christianity.  They epitomize the best of the best of a movement that blew fresh air through the Church and society in general. The wind is blowing again. The hope is that we will change the social and religious debate in the United States by reminding listeners that the present suburban Christianity is a child of the Jesus Movement celebrated in the bars of Las Vegas and parent to a Christianity yet to see the light of twenty-first century day.

The purpose of the station is to provide a new way of looking at a time and a generation that laid the basis for today’s Christianity. We are seeking to partner with those singer/songwriters, speakers, and influencers who can speak to the social and religious upheavals of the ‘60s and ‘70s and can bring the discussion forward for those in their twenties and thirties who are currently undergoing the same societal stresses and asking many of the same questions.

We ultimately want to provide a forum for the coming together of Boomers and Millennials for the furtherance of the kingdom of God — a connection that has been researched and studied by sociologists though no one has actually joined up to work towards the same goal. We believe we can.


“You don’t get to die unless you’ve done something significant.”  -Marti Fischer

We want to feature Jesus Music for any age. Jesus Music then and now. Jesus Music is not only confined to the ‘60s and ‘70s; it is the spirit of the music that can and has resurfaced in every generation since. What is Jesus Music if it isn’t honest, transparent, passionate about Jesus and the gospel, and wanting everyone to know?

By now it should be obvious that this station is not about nostalgia. We want to pull from the past what applies to today. We believe the movement of God that many of us experienced 50 years ago can happen again. Indeed we believe it has already begun for the Millennials. That’s why we intend to play the music forward. It is not music ensconced in some distant echo chamber of the past, but it is alive today — as alive as it ever was. For we are creating nothing less than what we had — the sound track for a revolution.

Now it’s up to you. This can’t happen without your support. There will be no launch without you. The Catch needs $14,400 to get these new ventures we’re telling you about off the ground. This radio station has captured me. I hope it can stir you to where you can make it you’re own. Please click on the button and give generously and cheerfully. This country needs a spiritual Millennial movement. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.


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