The gospel is good news


With the country split in half and everyone getting meaner, what an opportunity for grace turned outward! We are offering the antithesis to everything brewing in society. Wherever you are, from the mail room to the executive offices — from a wheelchair to a lawn chair — you are in a position to make a difference. Whenever you engage with anybody, from neighbors, to clerks, to delivery drivers, you have an opportunity to stand out simply because of what has happened to you.

Grace turned outward calls for graciousness, kindness, a simple word here and there, in season and out; little things go a long way. This starts with just acknowledging that someone else is there. A smile will do a lot, and it can be the beginning of a conversation.

For this is the essence of Grace Turned Outward — something wonderful has happened to you. You have received something totally undeserved, and since you didnt deserve it, neither does the person you are talking to. And because it is a gift given freely to all, you know they qualify. No question. So whether they choose to receive it or not, you have good news for them. You have good news for everybody.

Tommy Coomes and I were lamenting on BlogTalkRadio last night about how the gospel in the last 20 years has turned into bad news in our culture. That’s unfortunate, especially when “gospel” actually means “good news.” That means that as representatives of Grace Turned Outward, we are responsible for bringing back the good news of the gospel.

The bad news has come from a spirit of condemnation. It has come from a culture that is literally in the business of making enemies, and many Christians have bought into this culture thinking they are making things better when they are actually making things worse. The good news of the gospel has been canceled by a culture that is canceling everything it can’t control. Conversely, the good news of the gospel begins with an honest assessment of our sin and guilt which qualifies us for a savior. But when you spend all your time and effort trying to be 100% right, you are, along with that sentiment, canceling out the gospel.

That’s why it’s time for you and me to focus on grace. Time to step down from religious pride in humility and gratefulness, singing the praises of the one who saved us, and spreading the good news of grace and mercy for everyone including even our perceived enemies.

As Tommy Coomes sings with Love Song …

Accept Him with your whole heart

And use your own two hands;

With one reach out to Jesus,

And with the other …

Bring a friend.

Be sure and listen to Tommy’s interview here. It’s an important one.



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1 Response to The gospel is good news

  1. Sandie says:

    Two Hands – how that took me back through the years. We used to cover that song as we closed our gigs…a lifetime ago it seems. Things seemed so much simpler then – or was it because The Holy Sprit hadn’t taken the blinders off yet? I used to stand on a stage; now (thanks to Covid) I hardly leave the house except for the store and walking the dog. I know how important kindness is but it’s hard sometimes to throw off the cynicism. I keep fighting though. To sing another song… NEVER SAY DIE!

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