Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision is a 365-day devotional book I first published in 1995. It’s a devotional book based on selected lyrics from traditional known and lesser-known hymns. I wrote it on the premise that lyrics written by Christians over 100 years ago might speak into our culture today in refreshing ways. I was right. I also found that two to four lines from a hymn gave me plenty to write about each day.

In the expressions preserved on the pages of a hymnal I have discovered doorways to a spirituality that might have otherwise escaped me. It is my hope that encountering theology and spiritual experience by way of this oblique, anachronistic route will delight, deepen, and broaden the paths of many people.

It certainly has mine. That’s why I am genuinely sad to see this project completed. I have grown intimate again with the hymnbook. It has become a kind of personal friend. I have decided that when this devotional book is in my own hands, I will probably read it daily, as I hope you will, so I can remember the joy it has been to create it, and continue to hear along with you these ancient voices of faith comforting, prodding, and encouraging us on.


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