Habakkuk was a Jesus Freak


Today we begin a study on the book of Habakkuk, one of the 12 minor prophetic books in the Old Testament. They are called “minor” not because they are of little importance, but because — unlike the much longer writings of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Daniel — they are relatively short. Habakkuk is only three chapters — the first two are a dialogue between the prophet and God, and the last chapter is a song, because Habakkuk was a temple musician and a poet.

That’s why I’m calling Habakkuk a Jesus Freak; because he led a revolution, had a word from the Lord, spoke out against the wickedness and injustice in the world, and as a musician he sang his message to the people. We have a number of Jesus People we have reconnected with who fill that bill precisely. In fact, you will be hearing from them in the coming days and weeks.

Habakkuk is so timely and speaks so prophetically to our current situation. Just listen to this from the opening few verses of this book: (italics mine)

Wherever I look,

    “I see destruction and violence.

I am surrounded by people

    who love to argue and fight.

The law has become paralyzed,

    and there is no justice in the courts.

The wicked far outnumber the righteous,

    so that justice has become perverted.” Habakkuk 1:3-4

Think of this — “destruction and violence…” “people who love to argue and fight…” “no justice in the courts…” “the law has become paralyzed…” “justice has become perverted.” Wait a minute. Are we reading Habakkuk or the front page of today’s newspaper? This is too close to be a coincidence. This is prophecy that is true thousands of years later. I’m convinced that if we follow the message in Habakkuk, we will find out what God wants us to do today. Stick close with us over these next few days as we find out what God has to say to us through Habakkuk. Don’t miss a day!

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Hidden art


Look at this picture. Don’t you want this moment? Don’t you want to be there right now? Doesn’t it seem kind of like you are? Can’t you feel the sun on your face, hear the river flow, smell the flowers, catch the warm breeze, feel the freedom in your bare feet, and the sun on the pages of a book?

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‘They will…’


I love the story of the young kindergartener who, when asked by her teacher what she was going to create for her art project, proudly announced she was going to draw a picture of God. To which the teacher announced, “But no one knows what God looks like.”

“They will in a minute,” came the bold reply.

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Keep the law you can’t keep


What’s the use of trading

A law you can never keep

For one you can

But cannot get you anything?

Do you understand the riddle above?  Because that’s what it is: a riddle. Can you solve it? It’s about the Pharisees and anyone who bases their spirituality or sense of righteousness on a standard to keep.

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Remember, Memorial Day, 2023


A picture worth a thousand words.

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Find the Christians in this picture


Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? Abraham Lincoln 

I love this picture. It’s such a great visual for us as Christians in the world. Can you find the Christians in this picture? No? Good.

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Pet Sounds


My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine

Softer than a sigh

My love is deeper than the deepest ocean

Wider than the sky

My love is brighter than the brightest star

That shines every night above

And there is nothing in this world

That can ever change my love

Written by Tony Hatch

Sung by Petula Clark, released 1965

You’re gonna hate me, but misery loves company and I relish the fact that I can now torture many of you with this song giving you at least a day, maybe more, where you cannot get it out of your head. When our washer broke down, and the guy at the laundromat plays mostly oldies, that got me started.

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Too bad for God?


No one is too anything for God.

Now obviously this needs to be explained, but not too much, because I bet you get the gist. The idea would be to throw up any obstacle that you think might disqualify you for a relationship with God, such as “No one is too bad for God.” Or “No one is too stubborn ornery… unfaithful… immoral… ugly… sinful… stupid… too anything for God.”

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What makes God happy


I still remember when Chandler was much younger and we witnessed a rainbow, and he blurted out, “I think that means God’s happy.”

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No ‘end of discussion’


I know a story about a Christian who was being harassed by an atheist for her beliefs. After the atheist gave some compelling reasons for his disbelief in God, the Christian replied, “Good, we’re both believers then.” The atheist, quite shocked by that statement, asked the Christian what she meant by calling him a believer. The Christian went on to explain, “Look, since we both have strong reasons for our beliefs, why don’t we sit down and talk about them.”

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