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  1. J. D. Woods says:


    I’m doing some research into Christian youth music of the sixties. I’ve been on your website and happened to see Cold Cathedral which was produced/published in 1969. Is that a book or an actual audio recording? And if it is a record, could I still get a copy of it? Somewhere? Just wondering…

    Thanks much,
    J. D. Woods
    Winona Lake, IN

    • jwfisch says:

      It’s an album. Nothing available right now but email me and tell me what you’re after.

      • Shirley Connor says:

        We recently attended a Young Life meeting. They sang “Look All Around You”. We are a senior group interfacing with young people at our church (Venture Christian Church).
        We would like the music for your song. Sheet music or Fake Music would be fine. Is it available through any publishers? How can I get the tune/chords, etc.
        Blessings on your ministry,
        Shirley Connor

      • jwfisch says:

        Don’t know of any sheet music available at this time. In a separate email I will send you a digital copy of the LP version. Perhaps that will help.

    • Ted Johnson says:

      Dear John, Hey, I’ve been going through the 2 Cor 2:12 and following series on the New Covenant, you mentioned a study guide and I thought that perhaps I could download it here but am not seeing it. Can I get a downloadable study guide somewhere? Ted

  2. Linda Oppegaard says:

    I am wondering if the album with Lord of the dance is available in a CD. I had a vinyl in the 80s but dont have it anymore. Love and miss it!! Thanks Linda…

  3. phil komninoglou says:

    i had an album in the eighties called dark horse with a picture of a black horse on the cover and some how lost it some years ago, i liked all the songs on it, i was wondering where can i get bthis album again, and if i can get it again , can you help me….thanx..phil..god bless..

    • jwfisch says:

      That will probably be coming soon as a download too! One step at a time here.

    • Gr8ful David says:

      Ditto for me! Please make Dark Horse available. I’ve totally worn out the vinyl on that one.

      • Rebekah says:

        Ditto for us… I listened to it as a little girl and I can’t wait to share that album with my husband and children!

    • Norm says:

      This is an amazing album. I found it tracking some of the musicians that backed James Taylor during the same time period. How did the process go in selecting these artists to work with you? Did you have a special connection with them? Some tremendous song writing on this album. Thanks so much!!

    • Brian Misek says:

      Lost my copy and would love to buy MP3 of Dark Horse and Johnny’s Cafe.
      Thanks for the great music. I will keep checking back.

  4. scott says:

    Looking forward to release of Johnnies Cafe. Just downloaded your Still Life album. Thanks. Scott (twitter: Trickstir)

  5. Wes Weller says:

    Thank God you are getting your music back out there. I have been waiting decades. Dark Horse was a great Album. God Bless, Wes

  6. Jim Marek says:

    Great to have your music available again! Thank you! I attended your concert at Warner Pacific College in the mid ’70s, and it was inspirational. I was a guitarist for our local Young Life groups, and we played some of your songs at the meetings… I still have my Young Life songbook, personally signed by Yohann Anderson. Good memories! I’m Looking forward to seeing more of your albums available here. God Bless you! – Jim

  7. Tim says:

    Great if somehow Cold Cathedral album could be made available digitally for purchase. One of my favorite Christian albums ever! And my dad’s vinyl of it mysteriously disappeared!

  8. John- Your music and that of a few choice others was instrumental to me as I first navigated the waters of my faith as a senior in High School. As I’m old enough to begin reminiscing about the ‘old days’ (I can’t believe I just admitted that!), I’m cherishing some of the music that kept me motivated in my walk with Jesus. I can’t tell you how much I anticipate being able to access some of that music once again, sharing the impact it had on me with my daughter who is now experiencing the same journey.

    Thanks so much for your ministry and encouragement via your musical and writing gifts. My God challenge generations to come through your work!

  9. Kieran Grimes says:

    Hello. I love your song ‘Have You Seen Jesus My Lord.’ Is it possible to get a recording of this?

    Kind regards,


    • jwfisch says:

      Check your email.

      • Kieran Grimes says:

        Thanks so much for that. I have fond memories of this song when I was in the seminary in the 90s. I left in ’97 and this has been a joy to hear again after so many years.


        Dublin, Ireland.

      • Having attended PBC teen program in the early 70’s loved this song too. Brings back fond memories of Bible Studies, Sunday school at the Y and you, Ron Riche and Ray Steadman. Wow! Have been looking for it a long time. I too would like this song. How can I get it?

  10. John, just to echo the above sentiments (but not at all to push!) I’d love to see Dark Horse. The three cassettes I literally wore out my senior year in high school were Dark Horse, Casual Crimes and Between the Answers.

    Can’t wait to see some more available for purchase. 🙂

  11. James Dollins says:

    Hi, do you know how I can find/purchase sheet music for Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?

  12. Kris Hamblin says:

    I’m looking for the lyrics to your song “Circle of Blessings” from “Johnny’s Cafe”. I had the record album but can’t find it any more. I think the lyrics would really bless a friend right now.

  13. Dear John,

    I was pleasantly surprised to come across this page – I couldn’t believe it was actually you.

    One of the treasured records I have of yours is ‘Naphtali’ and I was thinking of writing a blog review of it, but I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere online, so I was wondering if there was any way I could get hold of them. That would be wonderful.

    Thanks again,


    P.S. You are welcome to take a look at my blog – it’s a basically a mix of music reviews and poetry articles, sometimes looking at them from a Christian viewpoint, other times just appreciating them for what they’re worth.

    • jwfisch says:

      Reply to a regular Catch and I will send you one song from Naphtali Just tell me which one. It’s not a perfect copy (off an LP) but it will bring you joy.

  14. Pam says:

    A friend gave birth to a still born and I thought of your song Circle of Blessing. How could I get ahold of it?


    • jwfisch says:

      Check your email. A download is on the way.

      • Daryl Wilkins says:

        Hi John!
        I enjoyed your music during my high school days at PBC!! Thanks much for that– your songs are still in my head after listening to ‘Cold ‘Cathedral’ about 1000 times. I was hoping to sing ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in our little church in Clements CA if you wouldn’t mind… Can you send me the chords- lyrics? You are welcome to come to our church anytime… Sunday School at 0930, Church at 1030. It’s the only church in Clements
        near Lodi
        God Bless– Daryl W

  15. Alice Hood says:

    I hope to see “Dark Horse” someday here… It’s one of my most favorite songs.

  16. Linda Deunk says:

    I remember hours of enjoying “The New Covenant” musical —over and over again!. ( I went to Peninsula Bible Church in the early 1970’s as a young adult.) On August 27, 2011 I am giving the devotion at a meeting of The Gideon’s Auxiliary leaders for Oklahoma, where our theme is 2 Tim2:20-21 “vessels for honor…useful to the Master, prepared for every good work”. I thought (with your permission, which is why I’m writing you) that playing the “I’m a pot, I’m a vessel” song would be very appropriate. ( Feel free to imagine about 30 ladies of varying ages…some about 60 like me…”rocking” to it. )
    However finding the album out of my 150 or so albums which we don’t play anymore is difficult. If this song is available for purchase, I’d sure like to buy it—especially if you will give permission to play it at that the meeting. My e-mail is
    Whether I can play the song at the meeting or not, I have very happy memories of my time at Peninsula Bible… and your music are a big part of that. Thanks.

    • Wendy Bjorklund says:

      I LOVE that album too! I had the vinyl and got a CD copy made of it before I donated it as I don’t have a turntable any more… Thank you John for your wonderful music! Thank you Lord for inspiring him! p.s. I also love your devotional –

    • Terri Main says:

      I remember that album too. I would play it over and over. I bought a turntable that can convert to mp3s awhile back. I just never set it up. I need to do that. So much of my life during the 70s was tied into the Jesus Music movement. Of course, I was doing promotion on a local level, can’t play a lick or carry a tune in a bathtub, but still it was a big part of my life. Nice memories.

  17. Angie Finley says:

    We did The New Covenant Musical in my youth choir at FBC Weaver, Alabama. That musical changed my life. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with a bunch of kids you didn’t even know! We were so blessed by it!

  18. Steve Peery says:

    Dear John,
    Just those two words, with respect to a letter of love lost, is where this note comes from as I consider the rich pure water from the deep well of your music to a parched throat, has give me even without having the recordings anymore. I am so grateful that you are opening up the opportunity for folks to hear and to purchase your tunes John. Thank you so much for the gift you gave me already in Naphtali! Just brought tears to my eyes good sir.

    It just occured to me that this might be public and if so then so be it but it is just my heartfelt thanks to you for this site and now hearing your music again!!! My favorite all time is the DARK HORSE album. Or well, maybe you will put out some “compilation”? hhhmmmm…that would, well, you’d just have to put all the songs on like 5 cd set or something anyway so I guess I can hope you continue to put out your music again for people in my generation and also for those in the younger years now too because it has withstood the test of time John.

    Well, Can go on and on but won’t as there are those much more eloquent than I. God bless you and your family, richly John!

  19. Phil Arant says:

    I would love to somehow listen again to the song Naphtali. Such a blessed memory from a time long ago.

    Phil Arant

  20. Beth Emanuelson says:

    I’d like to give $5 per month but the only monthly giving options start at $10! And I’m asking this on the Music Download page because I couldn’t get a Post Comment box on any other page or find any other contact info. Please advise how I do it!!?!

  21. Steve Kennedy says:

    I downloaded Still Life a couple of months ago. Now when I try to bring it up on my iTunes it says it can not locate the file for each song. Any suggestions?

  22. I’ve written a mini review of Still Life on my blog. You are welcome to read it here:

  23. Valerian Albuquerque says:

    Hi John,
    I was wondering if I can get the lyrics of “Trust In Me” Thanks for your help


    • jwfisch says:

      Not sure what you’re referring to here. I don’t think I have a song with that title. Perhaps it’s part of a lyric you remember. Can you give me any more information?

  24. Christopher Croom says:

    Any way I could download: Have You Seen Jesus My Lord? Which CD is it on?
    Blessings and Thanks, Chris

  25. Dee Moore says:

    Which album was the song that had lyrics, “do this and live the law commands, but gives us neither feet nor hands”. My husband and I heard that at a youth rally in about 1975 or so and can’t find the album now.


    • jwfisch says:

      That’s called The New Covenant… “a better way His grace doth bring; it bids me fly and gives me wings!”

  26. Clay says:

    Thanks for making Still Life available. It’s like hearing from an old friend . . .

  27. John Milgate says:

    Hi John,
    I am so glad to hear that you are working to make your early music available in a digital format. God has used you to minister greatly to me over the years, and through me to others. I don’t know the number of times a lyric, like “there should be rivers, mountains, and oceans flowing from our lives” or “He’s in there moving, got a knife and He’s pruning, cutting out the old man, bringing in the new” have warmed my heart and encouraged my spirit–even as I speak them to another brother or sister. He is great, and I thank Him for you.
    I have a number of your LPs, and converted several (The New Covenant, Naphtali, Inside, some of Cold Cathedral, [and Still Life]) to wma format a number of years ago. The files aren’t all great, but I would gladly send you what I have if it would help on an interim basis with some of these requests.
    Revel in Papa’s love.

    • jwfisch says:

      Thank you but I do have similar copies. Not quite the quality needed to offer it. Hopefully we can get more music out soon.

  28. Bill Larson says:

    Hi John-
    I’m so psyched to get the music I grew up on when I was new in the faith! Any word on when “Inside”, “Johnny’s Cafe” and “Dark Horse” will be available? I’m putting “Still Life” on my Christmas wish list!

  29. Kevin Smith says:

    Thirty years ago my wife and I had Arise My Beloved played at our wedding. At the end of the month we are having our vows renewed. Do you know of anyplace we might be able to find that?

    Thanks so much for the music you gave us. You and Don Francisco were are heroes!

  30. Suzanne Fransen says:

    Thank you, John, for your music. The Lord put your Naphtali song on my heart years and years ago, and just this autumn revealed to me how He has been working in my life, through the words in that song & His Word. All glory and praise to our Lord and Savior! Continue the good work, John, we so appreciate all He is doing through you. Your Naphtali album is my favorite Christmas album; I am looking forward to when we may download it. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!

  31. linden frank says:

    always enjoy the catch would love to get it back

  32. Brian Misek says:

    Reading through this thread has encouraged me. Your continual response to people’s request for help has confirmed the love of Christ working through you. As this year draws to a close I pray you reap abundantly from the good you have sown. The music the Lord blessed you with and you shared with us is timeless and from the many requests for it to be made available, I hope it soon speaks to another generation. I will be watching for the rereleases.

  33. Jerry says:


    Of your recordings what has been officially been released to CD?

    • jwfisch says:

      Only “Some Folks’ World” (formerly “Wide Angle”… you might find one of those out there).

  34. Jerel Flynn says:

    John, I would LOVE to get a digital copy of your album, “Inside”. My wife and I used to play/sing “Part Of The Plan” in church and it’s always been a special song to me. She now is disabled due to a very rare brain disorder and can no longer sing like she used to. I’ve been thinking about those early days of Christian music that we were involved with and it’s so difficult to find most of those artists on CD. Artists like Honeytree, Mustard Seed Faith, Michael Omartian, Chris Christian. Of course, I have found some of them, like Phil Keaggy, and just today I ordered a box set of CD’s and such from Love Song, the first Christian “rock” group I heard because I “took a chance” on an interesting looking album cover in a Christian book store! Anyway, I do hope you will be able to release all your music on CD or MP3….. thanks, jerel

  35. Louise says:

    John, I remember when you performed at Biola University (Biola College at the time) during my time as an undergrad student. I purchased a cassette of “Inside” and eventually bought the songbook. “Tunnel of Trial” was the first solo I ever sang at church. Unfortunately, my cassette died several years ago (I wore it out listening to it), but I would love to get another copy in CD or Mp3 format. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    • jwfisch says:

      We don’t have that album available yet but we are intending to get to all the older albums eventually. Check your email for a surprise.

  36. Greg Chenoweth says:

    I just purchased “Still LIfe”. Thank you for making the album available by digital download. I have always loved the album “Naphtali”; one of my favorite albums of all time. I also purchased a cassette of a live recording of a concert that you did at Grace Community Fellowship in Eugene, OR in 1980. The church doesn’t sell it any more, but I got a copy of the concert you did. It’s good to find you on your website.

  37. kate says:

    I love your song Righteous Man and I would like to have a digital copy. Is there a way I can get it on iTunes or a similar application? Thank you very much.

  38. Greg Chenoweth says:


    I’ve replied to your e-mails but no response back, so I’ll send you a message this way. I just need an address to send the concert tape to you. You can have the original, but since I don’t have any way of making a copy, if you could send me the content on a CD-R, that would be great. I’ll send the CD’s to you with the tape. Just let me know how I can get it to you.

  39. Jerry W. Austin says:

    Looking for any sheet music of John Fischer’s songs. Have nearly all of the albums and tapes from and late ’60s-80s but would like sheet music if and when it is available.

    • jwfisch says:

      Some of the early albums with Light Records had corresponding music books released for choir, but that’s all I know about anything close to sheet music. This will be pretty hard to come by.

  40. Loretta says:

    I’m so glad I found this page. It’s literally been 16 years since my albums were all destroyed and I haven’t heard any of that music since. Really looking forward to being able to download Naphtali, Dark Horse and Johnny’s Cafe!!!!!!! No pressure Mr. Fischer, but honestly, quick as you can would make me very happy!!!! 🙂

    Question, is there a reason why you aren’t on iTunes? Before I found this page I put in a request for them to start selling your music.

  41. Rebekah says:

    Ditto, especially Dark Horse!

  42. Keenan Laraway says:


    My father and I have been looking for a digital copy of “Johnny’s Cafe” for years. Will it be released on CD/digital form in the near future? We really enjoy the title track, but we’ve worn the album out on the record player.


    K. L.

  43. Arnold Leitz says:

    My wife and I heard you live at Jesus NW outside of Salem, Oregon years ago. I purchased your Darkhorse album when we were there. Sometime over the years I apparently lost it. Wondering when you will have it available for downloading, along with other albums.

    Arnold Leitz, Snoqualmie, Wa

  44. russtunesin says:

    We’re you the founder of the Discovery Arts Guild or just a member?

  45. Some of my old friends from when we all got saved back during the 70s were talking about our favorite album from way back then and without question it had to be Naphtali…. Hoping it will be available for download soon.

  46. Shirley Connor says:

    Thank you for sending the sound of your song. I will write out a chord version for the piano.
    Thank you again, and God bless your ministry.

  47. Dino says:

    Do you have a timeframe on the release of “Johnny’s Cafe?” I burned through both the LP and the cassette of this long ago and long to hear it again.

  48. Pamela Center says:

    Happy to hear the music

  49. Dale Barkley says:

    Hi John,
    One of many regrets in life is that we got rid of a bunch of old LPs during one of our moves years ago, and my wife and I really really really miss your album “Inside”. Whenever I think of it, some of the songs immediately come back to mind. The album was a “soundtrack” for our first few years of marriage and growing in Christ! Is there a way to get a digital copy of the album? Also – thanks so much for The Catch!

  50. Dear John,
    After 50 years of life and finally returning to the Lord, I reflected upon my Life and remembered when i first Gave My Life to Christ My Savior… I was A youth in a christian camp on the coast of Oregon, when i first heard your song Naphtali sang by another camper. the words and music moved me so much that i gave my life to Christ I thank god for the song you wrote and have been wishing to share it with my children so that maybe they could see and feel what i do now… is there somewhere that i could purchase this song to be able to share it with my family?.

  51. Chris Anderson says:

    John, I have been a fan of yours since my seminary days in the early 70’s. I have all you albums on vinyl and have been anxiously waiting for digitized versions. My personal digital versions don’t have any where near the clarity of the “Still Life” I purchased from your site last year. Do you have any schedule for the releases?

  52. Kevin Boling says:

    One of my praise team members wants us to learn Have You Seen Jesus My Lord with parts. Do you have a recording like that or sheet music. I tried the store you mentioned in an earlier post, but did not see it. Thanks for any help.

  53. Jack Wald says:

    I have emailed you many times over the years pleading with you to release your music. I was so pleased when Still Life was available for download and then there was the promise that other albums would be available soon. But I am still waiting. You just wrote about Dark Horse, your novel. When are you going to release that album? And then the others. Please, please, please. Do what is necessary to release them to us.

  54. Erica says:

    Im looking for a copy of Dark Horse. I loved that song as a kid and id like a copy of it. Do you have one?

  55. Sherry Breshears says:

    I would love to get the album “New Covenant” (I think) on mp3. it has a couple of my favorite fun songs like “Evangelical Veil Productions” and the one with this line in it. “Do this and live the law commands but give me neither feet not hands. A better way his grace does bring it bids me fly and gives me wings.” Any possibility it will be available soon?

    • Heather O'Neal says:

      I would love a copy of this myself! I have inquired about years ago. Grew up listening to it. We had the album growing up, but do not have it any longer (and no way to play it if I did). As soon as I read this comment, the song and motions popped up in my head. Would love for the next generation to experience it!

  56. Gary says:

    I had asked a few years ago how I could get a copy of your “Inside” LP. You replied you might have one somewhere your attic. Now I realize you were probly joking. A couple of months ago I came across a “nearly new condition” LP and I snatched it up. I treasure it more than the one I had lost so many years ago. Still am hopeing your able to re-release all your wonderful works on CDs.. Blessings to you and yours.

  57. Hi John – longtime fan here. On your website here you used to have a listing of all your albums complete with album covers and lyrics. I was just wondering, is that still accessible somewhere? Also, I concur with the others – it would be so great to be able to have more of your music made available in digital form. That’s the wonder of the internet, that it makes it easy for artists to make rare music available again at a relatively low cost and easy format through digital downloads. I don’t know what kind of difficulty you have obtaining the masters to your music, but we would love to be able to buy more! Blessings and all the best to you in your life and ministry.

  58. Randy Monte says:

    John – I just discovered your web site. It was a long time ago that I heard “The Road of Life.” when my brother played it on a cassette. Once I got out on my own, I had cassette copies of “Inside” and “Johnny’s Cafe” and a vinyl album of “Dark Horse.”

    Is there somewhere I can get a download of “The Road of Life?” I would like to download everything you’ve ever recorded, but if I had to choose one song, that would be it.

  59. Steve says:

    I am working on a video project for the family. I am looking for “Christopher’s Toes” song. Any chance that it is available for download?


    Steve Kennedy

  60. Dianne Nikiforuk says:

    Good evening John, I would like to purchase a piano version of “Holy Father, hear our prayer” I do have the chords but have never heard it sung so would like to be able to teach my youth group. Thank-you Dianne Nikiforuk

  61. Sheila Price says:

    I am looking for sheet music for “Have You Seen Jesus, My Lord?” Do you know how I might get a downloadable version? Many thanks.

  62. Daniel Knudsen says:

    Here’s the location of the link for “Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?”

  63. steve kniffen says:

    Is the Naphtali album anywhere I can get it…my 8 track from the 80’s doesn’t work anymore…love to have a new one on my ipod…:)

    • RD says:

      Isn’t that the album w/ “We are the Holy of Holies. . . ” song ?!
      Trying to remember all the lyrics!

  64. Brian says:

    I love the posts: talking about worn out 8 tracks and tearing through vinyl, I’m happy to say I still have a bunch of records and several cassette tapes. Still Life as an album means a lot to me because it was one of the acoustic records that I heard and learned from in the early 70s. Thank God for John Fischer who taught me scripture and encouraged me in the Lord Jesus our King!

    Brian Van Alstyne

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  67. Janet says:

    Do you have a digital recording of Have You Seen Jesus, my Lord? We would like to use it during meditation time following one of the talks for a Cursillo weekend. I could lead it, but it would be less disruptive if we had a nice digital recording. Thanks for your music

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  69. Pam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to purchase a CD copy of this album (Napthali) or purchase a download of this album I have it in album and cassette versions but have worn both out. I cannot find a way to do this online.

    May I purchase these direct from you?

    Please advise. Actually I would like to purchase both the CD and a download.

    Please help me.

    Thank you,

    Pamela Cameron

  70. steve kniffen says:

    I had the same question, let me know if you find the answer.


  71. Pam says:

    Will do, please do the same

  72. Kimi says:

    It has taken me a long time to find you! I grew up with the Jesus Music era and have long since lost my albums. I have loved your music and found it sad to see it is not available now, but possibly it will be in the near future? Your songs gave me the direction I needed in my young spiritual life. Still life, New Covenant and Napthali were foremost in my discovery of what God has promised and can do. I am looking for these recordings as well as other music of the Jesus Movement of the 70’s. Do you know where I might look? Thank you for sharing your wisdom through word and song. Please hurry with getting your music out now. This world still loves you!

  73. steve kniffen says:

    Please help us children of the early 80’s get our music from childhood into the digital age. I can’t believe Napthali is the only album not on a disc.


  74. Brian says:

    I’m in the process of re-learning “Righteous Man.” John, could you possibly send me a digital copy? I’ll be glad to pay for it. Thanks for all the great music!

  75. Chris Anderson says:

    John, your music has been an inspiration to me since my seminary days in the early 70s. I have all the albums and purchased “Still Life” as soon as you made it available in digital format. I have emailed a few times before asking when you might be able to release the rest of your music/albums in digital. It is a gift you gave to my generations and many others since. When “Still Life” came available for download it truly added to that blessing. You have stated before that it has been your desire to release the other albums and you have said they might be available soon. I would like to encourage you to do that. I am sure that there are many of us who would be willing to pay whatever price you set to both have the digital copies of your great music and support your ministry. I guess this is almost a pleading of encouragement to do what you can to release them.

  76. Mary says:

    John, I am teaching in the womens prison in Ensenada, Mexico next week. I wanted to teach them the All Day Song. Is the music & lyrics available in Spanish? Mary

  77. Mei Ying tan says:

    Dear John
    Please could I download your article “a single person’s identity”?

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  79. rustyspad says:

    Lookin for your excellent album Dark Horse…Practically impossible to find…
    Remember John, Only A Few…

  80. Ted Faluszczak says:

    John, I am listening to Johnny’s Cafe right now! What a great album. Scratches and all.
    I remember this on one night when I was in College in the 80’s. It takes me back to a great time.
    Thanks you.

  81. rustyspad says:

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    Nobody wants to die

  82. Michelle says:

    I would love to purchase the sheet music for “I’m a Vessel.” As a child, I sang in a choir that performed “The New Covenant.” Now I direct the children’s choir for my church and would love to teach this to my choir. Thank you!

  83. Patricia C. says:

    Hi John,

    I’d really love to listen to a recording of Flow River Flow again. It’s a song I still hum to myself after all these years. How can I hear that song once more?



    • jwfisch says:

      Not my song, but it’s a very common worship song you can probably find in a worship compilation. Have you tried iTunes?

  84. Daniel says:

    Any plans for a release if Naphtili (sp) and New Covenent?

  85. Sharon says:

    Please Please Please make Dark Horse available for download….old cassette has started to screech!

  86. Lesa S says:

    Is there sheet music to Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?

  87. stanton felder says:

    I love your music. Where can I purchase a copy of “Righteous Man”?

  88. Steve Esser says:

    Mr. Fischer, I am a huge fan of your album “The New Covenant”. I was very young when it was released (6 yrs old), but I remember every word of every song and even most of the narration. I am the youngest of five kids and amongst us five, one of us managed to lose that album over the many years. I have looked everywhere I could think of, to try and find it, however, I’ve been unsuccessful. Is there anywhere I could purchase this album (CD or download preferable)? I would greatly appreciate any help you could give. To obtain this album would mean the world to me. Thank you and god bless

  89. Dennis Hintz says:

    Hello John,

    I’ve been looking all over online for a digital copy of Dark Horse for awhile (as it seems many others have been also). I really love your song “Beggar” and I even wrote an additional verse to it and played it for a speech class at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA many many years ago. I can’t find my old cassette tape. If possible, I’d love to get a digital copy somehow. I certainly understand if it’s not, or not yet, but couldn’t help asking.

    Thanks very much,


  90. Craig G says:

    Hi John,

    Glad to catch up with you after all these years. I first stumbled onto your music on the Dark Horse album, which was a fantastic album (I was also a follower in CCM Magazine). Unfortunately, I lost track of your work through the years but, just this morning, God reminded me of the song “Beggar” (which of course, led to a lot of reminiscing about the album Dark Horse). I would love to get that album again as my cassette tape wore out decades ago! Any thoughts of re-releasing anything on iTunes? I have noticed James Ward (another favorite from back in the day) has re-released a number of his recordings on iTunes and I’ve already purchased a few of those. You “old-timers” (of which I am also one) created some truly inspired, insightful music.

    God bless!


  91. Karl says:

    Do you have a digital recording of “Have You Seen Jesus, my Lord? ”

    My wife and I included this in our wedding ceremony in 1986 — and it was beautiful.

    Sally passed away recently after a difficult 2+ year battle with melanoma — I would like to come full circle and include this in our approaching service Celebrating her Life.


  92. Dave Redel says:

    Greetings John. What a treat finding this website! Your music was a big influence in my life after I came to know Jesus in 1972. Angel’s Song began playing in my mind today and I would love to share it with my family. Do you have a digital copy you can Email me? Are there any plans to make CD or Digital copies of your albums available? Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.


  93. Mike Levenhagen says:

    Hi John. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We had your song “All We Need” from Between the Answers sung at the ceremony. Do you know how we can get a copy of that track via download or cassette?

  94. Two of your songs, Master Potter and Inside, were instrumental in building my faith. I was a new believer, a young mom and wife and a singer. I have the words to Master Potter, but would love to have the words to Inside to include in my testimony for my children. If I could have the tracks to those songs I would gladly pay to download them. Thank you for the truth in your music. All three of my children are now in ministry. Your words paved that path for them in my life.

  95. Hal Ames says:

    It was exciting to find your music and your blog. Yours was the first album I ever bought. I saw you in a concert in a Presbyterian church in Walnut Creek Ca. I carry your music with me today. My children even know your songs, especially from Cold Cathedral.
    My favorite is Alleluia (Easter Day). It comes to my mind every Easter.
    My Pastor in the 80’s was from your church in Palo Alto. but never knew you were associated with it until today. David Roper.
    Perhaps you know my youth pastor Dave Wardle. He attended Wheaton College and ran track. Small world!
    Thank you for your continued dedication.

  96. Michelle says:

    Hello, John! I’m wondering if you know of a resource to get copies of your CCM Magazine columns from the 1990’s. I don’t know the year/month it was published, but your article titled “What is Christian Music?” was so enlightening to my husband and me; I’ve shared what I remember from its insights many times with others, and it’s shaped our ministry in many ways over the years since. Would you be able to send me a copy, or do I need to contact CCM Magazine directly? (not sure if they could help me without knowing the publication date….) Thank you so much, for both your music and writing! Many blessings to you!

    • jwfisch says:

      Try the magazine. We’re going to bce pulling that stuff up soon but right now, wouldn’t know where to start.

      • On a slightly different tangent, in my searching for the article mentioned by Michelle above, I ran across this 1993 interview of John Fischer for Cross Rhythm’s Magazine.

        The writer of the article described John as…
        “Gently spoken, and of the Clark Kent school of mild manners, John doesn’t fit the finger pointing, ranting Jeremiah mould. But he doesn’t pull his punches…”

        John is also quoted in the article as follows…
        “I want to keep trying to say things in ways people haven’t heard before, because I find that the biggest killer of truth is to get a handle on it, to get it down to one little concept:…”

        It’s been almost 22-years since that article was written and almost 50-years since John burst upon the scene with that “radical newfangled church-upending” Jesus music!

        I applaud and commend you John for maintaining your integrity, fidelity, and steadfast spirit to both our Lord and your audience – family, friends, and fans – through all these years.
        Keep up the excellent work “thou good and faithful servant.” Shalom…

        By the way, here’s the link for the entire article:

    • HI Michelle –
      Please pardon my interruption here but I was motivated by your query to find the article you mentioned. It sounded like an intriguing read!
      While I was (so far) unable to locate anything authored by John with the specific title: “What is Christian Music?”, I was able to find an online resource that provides a rather comprehensive list of articles and publications written by him and numerous others.
      The website is called CMnexus.
      The site itself doesn’t reprint the articles but it does show their titles and issue dates of the periodicals in which they were originally published (such as CCM Magazine).

      Below is the website address – I’ve already pulled up John’s name for you – and, under that, there are two article titles of which may be the one that you’re seeking (you’ll find these selections on Page 4 of the site):

      Jul 1998 in CCM 21.1
      “Two Nights Out” – explains the changing culture behind Christian music; how artistry and subtlety have impacted ministry.
      Aug 1998 in CCM 21.2
      “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” -censorship in Christian music, Christian music audience

      If nothing else, the site above may assist you in helping CCM Magazine find the article a little more quickly.

      Hope this turns out to be useful for you! 🙂

  97. Joan Friend says:

    How can I get a digital copy of Inside? When I was a new Christian, a friend recorded some music onto an 8-track for me. Inside was one of my favorite songs on that tape.

  98. emkayp says:

    So glad I found this wonderful resource. I have listened to all of Still Life again – I wore out the album way back when. Your ministry and this music were a huge part of my Christian foundations. I have been trying to find the Naphtali for ages – any idea where I could get it? Thanks again for making this music available! Be blessed.

  99. Kenneth says:

    I brought an old turntable back to life recently and one of the first albums I listened to was your Cold Cathedral Album, it brought many memories, of course I couldn’t stop and had to listen to all of your albums. I remember going to family camp in 1968 with my family at Mount Hermon Christian Camp. You led the youth group at camp. Your music has been an inspiration in my life and I was glad I found this site. God bless you.

  100. dennis schwalenberg says:

    I’m looking for sheet music for your version of “Trust and Obey” I sang it in a group back in the 70’s now I was hoping to teach it at the church I pastor. Is there any sheet music still around? Thanks for responding! Dennis Schwalenberg

    • jwfisch says:

      Boy, that’s a tough one. I don’t have any music but I could send you an mp3 of the song if that would help. Let me know via email.

    • Dennis Schwalenberg says:

      Just sending back a second reply Thanks so much for your Kind offer!

  101. John Heyd says:

    Hi John. Many years ago our church choir sang a Christmas Cantata which included “I’m a Pot, I’m a Vessel” ( only song I can recall at this time) but was wondering if you were aware of the cantata and where we can find it again. Just loved singing it and would like to reintroduce it to our church choir.

    • jwfisch says:

      It’s called The New Covenant. You may be able to find a book out there if you do a thorough search. Sorry. I don’t even have one book here.

  102. Randy Monte, Lancaster, CA says:

    John, is there anywhere I can get an mp3 of “The Road of Life”? I would love to get all of your music in digital format, but that one song is the one I especially want.

  103. julie says:

    My sisters and I attended A Christian Music Camp in Upstate New York in 1976. We performed the ” New Covenant”. A few years later we also performed “The New Covenant” at our own church…we had the record album and music….can you get this music on Disc or mp3 now.

    Julie Evanega

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