The Catch Ministry – Become a Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward Ministry Partner


As online Catch citizens, naturally this Gospel of Welcome begs for an answer to the question, “How can I further this ministry, and how can this ministry be funded, especially during these uncertain economic times?”

We are glad you asked! We hope you act before Christmas on at least one of our recommendations if not, for those with the capability, all eight as described below:

  1. The Power of Prayer must never be discounted – and, thus, we ask solely for your prayers to direct our activities.
  2. We love your notes of encouragement!
  3. Enjoy a closer connection with the other members of the Catch by reserving now on your calendar for our new interactive methods and invite others to do the same
  4. Forward or cut and paste the Catch to your networks
  5. Act on what you glean from the Catch by integrating it into your life
  6. Write to us about your story
  7. Contribute to our significant year end financial needs**
  8. Call someone on the phone to express your love and then call someone unlovely and do the same.

**We are building the Catch Ministry and look to those who can give a generous contribution. The Lord Jesus Christ will always find a way. So, if you are the way, please give as a Gospel of Welcome Grace Turned Outward Ministry Partner now.

Want to make a financial contribution to The Catch Ministry? Here’s how:

  1. The Catch Ministry’s Monthly MemberPartner Program
  2. Give Online
  3. Mail in Your Gift (See address below)
  4. In-kind Gifts (For these last 3 options, contact us at
  5. Corporate Gifts
  6. Tribute Gifts

The Catch Ministry’s programs, its volunteers, and the people it serves are greatly benefited by its exempt status, thereby being able to offer its contributors with the privilege of a tax deductible advantage for freely given financial gifts in support of the ministry.

The Catch Ministry, Inc.; Attention: Accountant; 1278 Glenneyre; Laguna Beach, California  92651