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Incorporated on September 14, 2012 as an international Faith-based Cyber Church, the Catch Ministry is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with charitable, tax-exempt status, which is governed by a Board of Directors. The Ministry offers a real-time internet ministry of teaching, encouraging, and building up the body of believers, while connecting the disenfranchised, and welcoming the seekers.

The business of the Catch Ministry is to develop disciples, always equipping its community of citizens to go out make more disciples. They make the Ministry’s Vision doable, which is to introduce the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to Everyone, Everywhere. The virtual (but real) world is by far the largest unreached people group on planet Earth, with over 3.4 billion people active in cyberspace. The Catch Ministry offers a real community, where people are in communion with God rather than a building.  In the end, a local Christian community could never reach the whole world. The Catch can.

Examples of the Ministry’s expanded territory include 400 volunteers worldwide; Sunday’s Church at the Catch congregation numbering 300 people each week; weekly Bible studies; regular podcasts with an array of prominent Christian thinkers; a 24/7 interactive prayer ministry; a discipleship ministry providing “boots on the ground” to over 143 countries the Ministry presently serves; one-on-one counseling to well over 200 people a month; and a personal ‘triage’ that connects people to a vast network of local ministries.

Where do Contributions go?

Let it be known that it is essential to the Board of Directors that the Catch Ministry make efficient use of the Ministry’s contributions with productivity and reach, with no waste or off-target spending.

Your contribution makes a tangible, measurable difference in the lives of our Catch community citizens where transformation is evident. We often address urgent needs, where failure to do so would have had cataclysmic effects. While it is true many people look forward to the daily flagship articles written by our Pastor, for some of our people it is more, an online environment with virtual (but real) relationships. And many times, for many people, it is a beacon of hope, the only one they can see in their sometimes dire struggle to live out their convictions and their relationships with Christ. Many respond in very personal ways to the hope of the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward.

There are 6 Ways to Give

  1. The Catch Ministry’s Monthly MemberPartner Program
  2. Give Online
  3. Mail in Your Gift (See address below)
  4. In-kind Gifts (For these last 3 options, contact us at
  5. Corporate Gifts
  6. Tribute Gifts

The Catch Ministry’s programs, its volunteers, and the people it serves are greatly benefited by its exempt status, thereby being able to offer its contributors with the privilege of a tax deductible advantage for freely given financial gifts in support of the ministry.

The Catch Ministry, Inc.; Attention: Accountant; 1278 Glenneyre; Laguna Beach, California  92651