Thinking of asking John to Address Your Group?

John’s extensive speaking schedule carries him across the nation and around the world. His humorous style engages every audience and his favorite topics are in great demand on college and university campuses, as well as with groups within the Christian community.

Because John tailors his message to the specific audience he is addressing, he prefers to work directly with the individual responsible for the event and schedule his calendar around the event’s needs.

We invite you to call John at 949.315-5533 or email him at to learn of his availability and to discuss together the dynamic of your group and how best John might serve your needs.

Overall Message
John looks to create motivations towards a greater relationship with Christ by increasing the audience’s awareness of and desire to put faith into action with an objective to effect faith-based messages in and around the common elements of our life experiences. John helps us reach outside ourselves to recognize how we can participate in God’s business in the world.

Overall Style
John is an entertainer. Through humorous interaction with the audience, John is humanly expressive with an ironic, witty view of life and himself, often finding humor in his own foibles and contradictions. His ability to connect is transparent and disarming in nature.

John is nothing if not subtle and expressive, and is able to put words to feelings that others may recognize but cannot express as powerfully.  By being honest, and by taking time to discover what he really thinks and feels about things, John encourages others to look more deeply into their own lives.

Overall Strategy
Inspired by the Word of God, John assists Christians in participating in God’s business in the world by learning how to:

Walk along side others
Change lives and hearts, because acts of love are taking place, not simply words
Instruct and empower Christian men and women
Accelerate God’s global message through action

Overall Audience
John’s approach integrates core messages to a variety of Christian audiences including Universities and Colleges, Churches, Young Adults, Singles, Divorced, Married, Men and Women’s Groups, Pastors and Worship Leaders Retreats, Conferences and Seminars.

Recent Speaking Engagement Topics

Christianity and Culture
Exploring what Christians think about the world and what the world thinks about Christians, discovering how culture impacts Christianity and its Body, and recognizing new models for Christians to rise up in the marketplace worldwide and in our own backyards.

12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me)
Finding and eradicating a spirit of judgment among Christians beginning with myself.

On A Hill (Too) Far Away
Keeping the cross in the center of our lives and, at the same time, experiencing the freedom found in reconciliation.

Christianity and the Arts
Building thoughtful foundations for Christian artists and musicians while creating Biblical insights when interpreting art and popular culture.

A New Millennium Model for Leadership
What is the Lord asking us to lead, who are we leading, where are we going, how will we get there and who do we need in the boat? How do we, as Christians, lead with trust and honesty that rejuvenates, and creates another revolution?

Christianity and the Single Person
Finding freedom in Biblical models for developing relationships as first outlined in John’s world renowned presentation, “A Single Person’s Identity” (over half a million in print).

All of these topics can be explored in a single seminar; expanded into a weekend format or week-long series.

Personal Endorsement Examples (For References see “About John”)

“He challenged us to break the mold we live in, stop being self-righteous, get in touch with our sin, and return to the cross daily.”
Gordon College student

“John Fischer pushes and pulls. He pushes us out to new borders of faith while always pulling us back to the centrality of Christ.”
Jay Kesler: Former President, Taylor University

“John Fischer does a job on some of the sacred cows that have been idols for many of us. Fischer works through the confinements of religiosity into the freedom of spirituality.”
Tony Campolo: Sociologist, Eastern College

“John Fischer thinks and probes. He is seeking to uncover ‘Christlike’ thinking, not just ‘contemporary Christian’ thinking.”
Leighton Ford: President, Lausanne Conference of Evangelism