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The Catch Ministry Summary

The Catch Ministry is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit governed by a Board of Directors. The ministry offers a real-time internet ministry of teaching, encouraging and building up the body of believers. It connects the disenfranchised, and serves as a personal ‘triage’ to individual members and, considering the degree of urgency, responds by email or phone while matching the individual to its established network of Christian churches and resources found within the member’s hometown.

The Catch Ministry’s Governing Board

The Catch Ministry is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit governed by its Board of Directors (the “Board”) that performs general oversight of financial investments and performance. Board members include:

  • Mike Boland,  Cambria, California
  • Alex Kein, Anaheim, California
  • Robert Stutzman, Sacramento, California
  • John Styll, Nashville Tennessee
  • Board Member – waiting Board Approval


MemberPartners are the lifeblood of the Catch. They advise the Catch on the direction and focus of the ministry. MemberPartners understand the power of their contributions to further the growth of God’s kingdom. In many cases, they have either increased their monthly gift or made membership possible for those longing to be a MemberPartner but unable to afford to become a MemberPartner.

The Catch Ministry’s Employees

The Catch Ministry’s paid principal is John Fischer, an ordained minister trained in the Biblical understanding of the prophetic Word. He currently addresses over 12,000 people ministering to 2,250 individuals daily from his expanding Internet cyber community. He is trained in numerous issues of conflict and offers personal ways to get back to the hope found in the Gospel of Welcome. John is assisted by his wife Marti who is a full-time volunteer. She is a seminary graduate, who addresses the dynamic factors that affect women, the men in their lives, and their children. In addition, she provides to members communication strategies to recognize and learn how to counter shame and blame; reinforce positive male images, and to rediscover mutual respect for one another before the Lord.

The Catch Ministry’s Community

The Catch Ministry’s community includes college and university faculty and students, single men and women, single families, families, divorcees and various segments of society such as men’s and women’s groups, business and church leadership, prison groups and missionaries.

Without solicitation, the Catch is attracting to its site a large number of Millennials, people born between 1973 and 2002 and are between 18-29 years-old. Many Millennials feel the traditional, institutionalized “Church” is out of step with the times and not relevant to their lives. They want deep, thoughtful or challenging answers to life in this complex culture in which we live. They want their faith to connect to their life. They feel that the traditional church does not understand them nor do they relate to the traditional church.

”They tell us that they like that we lead with Grace and call the Catch ‘their church’ open five days a week with independent study opportunities anytime.

So why are the Millennials the Catch community’s second largest demographic after an audience of primarily Boomers? Millennials, like our primary audience, want to be a part of a faith community where they can build deeper, more lasting connections. They desire truly meaningful relationships that realistically respond to today’s cultural realities, provide mutual mentoring in the here and now and not sometime in the future. They want to become marketplace disciples and integrate Jesus into all areas of life.

Cultivating intergenerational relationships is one of the most important ways in which we are developing flourishing faith in both young and old. At the Catch, this means changing the metaphor from simply passing the baton to the next generation to a more functional, biblical picture of a community running the race together with both young and old sharing in the journey as equals.

The Catch Ministry’s Expansion Plans

As the Catch Ministry continues to thrive, plans are underway to incorporate chatrooms, discussion boards, and other electronic means to provide social connection, education, enrichment of our members’ faith, and to include recognized like-minded authorities and educators as hosts for Internet conferences globally.

In support of its growth, study guides are in the packaging stage and are designed to assist those who are looking to grow further in their understanding of themselves, those around them, their culture, and the world.

The Catch Ministry plans to expand its membership to include a broader audience and permeate whole networks with its worldview message through a comprehensive approach with includes programs that:

  • Facilitate convening thought leaders to catalyze revelation and innovation of new ideas within various sectors of our society.
  • Disseminate training and education for practical application within each sector
  • Promote implementation of sustainable programs based on a practical Biblical worldview
  • Support growth and development of sustainable programs

The Catch Ministry’s operational plans include:

  • Expanding its website to provide a global hub for information sharing between thought leader through online forums.
  • Disseminating training and educational materials
  • Creating and disseminating supporting materials.
  • Creating a training institute to provide an incubator for the transformation of worldview thought.
  • Training instructors for delivery of the program’s message.
  • Providing qualified instructors for international training initiatives.

The Catch Ministry’s Financials

The Catch Ministry derives its sole support from a very small yet influential group of contributors. They are the lifeblood of this ministry and together have made real the Gospel of Welcome to many worldwide.

The Catch Ministry obtains financial support from its core groups of people within its 2,230 active daily readers. Currently, the ministry operates at an 87% program margin on such revenues with the remaining funds dedicated to its administration.

The Catch Ministry achieves greater margins by maintaining a small central staff focused on developing and implementing the Catch Ministry’s program and enlisting volunteers to support the interactive prayer ministry, the one-on-one counseling, and the “boots on the ground” discipleship programs. It ramps up and down implemented programs in conjunction with developed marketing strategies and program requirements. The Catch keeps fixed expenses to a minimum through partnership relationships and key associations with trusted vendors.

The Catch Ministry’s Funding

The Catch Ministry’s programs, its volunteers, and the people it serves benefits from its tax-exempt status, thereby being able to offer its members a tax-deductible advantage for freely given financial gifts in support of the ministry.

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