The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace


[I told you that while I must have dozed off in my car while waiting last Friday for Marti to get an MRI at the hospital for a diagnosis of what we are still in the dark about, I somehow remember getting these text messages from the hospital to come and get “the General” out of there because she was taxing their patience. Totally fictitious, but not far beyond the realm of possibility, knowing Marti.]

Mr Fischer, the General is causing our linear thinking medical staff to consider solving problems with humor and insight, and creatively looking at patients as people and not as medical subjects. This is unheard of in the medical profession. It is unscientific and terribly alarming that our patients are actually responding to being connected with our staff and with each other. Where is the professionalism in that? Is this a warm fuzzy support-group or a hospital? Please take the General off our hands before she turns this place into a mission field!

Of course connecting is what the Body of Christ is all about. We are all connected to one another by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the source of our oneness. “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3) Notice the effort is in “keeping” the unity, not “creating” it. He provides the unity that we already have. We don’t create it, we keep it as one might keep Christmas. We celebrate the unity, we count on it —  acting in every way as if it were there, because it is, even when dealing with someone who is vastly different from us, or in some cases should be our enemy. When you reach for the unity, it’s there. This is how we know that we are of God. We are keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

But take heed to always remember that the unity comes from the Spirit. It does not come from us.

The church is not a collection of individuals who happen to agree upon certain ideas. The body of Christ is bound together in the Lord.  It is a supernatural connectedness of all believers by the mystical union of the Holy Spirit. It may be the General but more than likely it was the Lord within you that sought out connecting to us so that we might be a body operating in the totality of Christ.

When you contribute a tax deductible gift to the Catch Ministry, you are helping to put away the “Christian” image stereotyped by the media today, as we all become visible prototypes of the Kingdom of God on the earth, and in so doing, cause those with no hope to run toward the Lord instead of away from Him.

Our new total this morning is $18,484. Fantastic. Yet it is still $16,516 away from goal. Sound impossible? It’s not impossible while it’s still Monday. We’ve got all day to go! Go for it! We can do this. We’re all in this together. We are the Body of Christ.

Michael, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Gary, Rathdrum, Idaho

Lewis, Marin, California

Darin, Cozad, Nebraska

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

Dave, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dan, Placentia, California

Neil, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lynn, Pendleton, Oregon

Gene, Murrieta, California

Stephen, Big Canoe, Georgia

William, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada

John, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

Lynn, Duluth, Minnesota

Allen, Exton Pennsylvania

Joanne, Lynden, Washington

Carol, Melrose, Massachusetts

Ann, Rockford, Illinois

John, North Chili, New York

Laura, Phoenix, Arizona

Amanda, Visalia, California

John, Los Altos, California

Markus, Köln, Germany

Peter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sara, Hopedale, Massachusetts

Jeanne, Vacaville, California

Patrick, Dundee, Michigan

Kristin, Chesterfield, Missouri

Daniel, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Angela, Washington 

Steve & Colleen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kerry, Mason, Ohio

John, Coralville, Iowa

David, Lakeville, Minnesota

Olivia & Jimmy, Hong Kong

Paul, San Jose, California

Tim, Hillsboro, Oregon

Steve, Nashville, Tennessee

Lisa, Sunland, California

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


Victor, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Herbert, Muskego, Wisconsin

Jennifer, Wesley Chapel, Florida


Roberta, Kent, Washington

Rona, Northampton, UK

Kent, Bryan, Ohio


Aline, Newport Beach, California

Mark, Garden City, Michigan

Lewis, Marin, California

Michael, Sacramento, California

Sandy, Florence, Mississippi

Laurie, Everett, Washington

Tom, Barefoot Bay, Florida

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

Lisa, Sunland, California

Laura, Campbell, California

Pat, Dundee, Michigan

Mike, Tucson, Arizona

Mike, Cambria, California

Tom, Oakland, California

Dave & Pat, Normandy Park, Washington 

Steve & Colleen, Keswick, Ontario, CANADA

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas

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“We’re All In This Together!”

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