Come together


Its a silly, nonsensical Beatles song (even George Harrison admitted that), but its most memorable line is the word for the church in 2021: Come together, right now, over me,” if by that we mean: Come together over Jesus.

We need to come together. Right wing, left wing, Republicans, Democrats, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, Trump supporters, Trump haters, and backers of whatever candidates you want to back, or none, plus all of you who are not from America, but are watching this political circus over here … we all need to come together right now over Jesus.

We can, you know. We can be servants of Christ who disagree on how the country should be run and who should run it. We can do that because we are citizens of two kingdoms. One is the kingdom of this world to which America belongs; the other is the kingdom of God to which we (believers in Christ around the world) also belong.

Its really not that hard to unravel. The only trouble we get into is when we confuse the two — when we think that the kingdoms of this world, of which America is one, can be used to advance the causes of the kingdom of God. It cant happen because the kingdoms of the world operate on an entirely different power base than the kingdom of God. The kingdoms of the world,  are power over” kingdoms based and exemplified in wealth, numbers, military might, and political control; the kingdom of God is exemplified by sacrificial service, weakness, humility and love. It is what Gregory Boyd calls power under.” Its what Jesus demonstrated when He washed His disciplesfeet, and then told them (and us) to go and do likewise.

You can see why we can disagree over how to run a worldly kingdom, because, in the end, there will not be any worldly kingdoms left standing. They all will ultimately fail. Only the kingdom of God will prevail, but it will prevail, at least until Christ returns in power, from a power-under, turn-the-other-cheek, go-the-extra-mile, love-your-enemies, pray-for-those-who-persecute-you, peacemaking sort of position. Not the kind of thing that will get you elected to a power-over worldly government.

But we who care about the kingdom of God dont care about how far we get or dont get in this kingdom, or how we agree or disagree on procedures, because we are working side-by-side in the kingdom of God for other goals: to look after widows and orphans, to lift up the fallen, to feed the hungry, to speak for those who have no voice, to rescue the victims of oppression, to welcome strangers, and to visit those in prison and extend grace and forgiveness to all as Christ has extended it to us; in other words: to represent grace turned outward to the world, and we can do all that from whatever political party or non-party we side with.

So come on people, whatever side you are on, and come together over Jesus. We have a kingdom to further, and it is not of this world. So go ahead and vote, debate, agree, disagree, even run for office if thats what you feel called to do, but dont do it like your life depended on it, because it doesnt. Your life depends on what you do in and for the kingdom of God.

The Beatles sang it; but Jesus says it: “Come together, right now, over Me.”

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