‘Time to get the news out’


Jonathan convinces his parents to allow him to stay all night in the hospital, and in the middle of the night, with his mom and Ben’s parents asleep in the waiting room, Jonathan slips quietly into Ben’s room and climbs into his bed. Ben is expecting him. The dreaded moment has arrived, but Ben is ready. His arguments with God are over. The only thing he’s concerned about, noticing the clock reads 3:00, is to tell Jonathan that it’s time to get the news out referring to Jonathan’s afternoon paper route. By the time Jonathan looks at the clock and points out to Ben that it’s three in the morning, not three in the afternoon, he looks back at Ben and he has left this world.

Ben’s last words are an urgent call to all of us to GO LIVE! Time to get the news out. Time to get the Catch out, and the Catch is you. We are a body of believers getting the news out through our lives. It’s real. It’s personal. It’s all of us as a body.

Celebrate with us 10 years of world influence in 143 different countries. You are what we celebrate. You have won the hearts of many. GO LIVE!

GO LIVE with passion for the gospel of welcome!

GO LIVE with growth!

GO LIVE with giving!

And as you invest in this body of believers getting the news out, please accept, as a “thank you” for your investment, a free download of the album, Inside, celebrating the honesty and transparency that Ben represents.

So GO LIVE! Time to get the news out. Time to celebrate you as an investor getting the Catch out.

GO LIVE by making a contribution today!

All hands on deck!

We have until tomorrow to raise $8,500!


I have experienced a good year in Real Estate. In addition to my MemberPartner Pledge, I am in for $1,000 toward the $20,000 Catch Ministry GO LIVE! goal.

If you’re in the Real Estate business and this year was successful for you, I challenge you to join me. Steve from Keswick, Ontario, Canada just came in with $500. Will you join us?

Mike High

Catch Ministry Vanguard

Click on the green light to contribute

go livefbbanner

A BIG THANKS to those who have gotten us this far!

Steve, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Mike from Tucson, Arizona

Priscilla from Rochester, New York

Roger, Whittier, California

David, Lakeville, Minnesota

Tim, Burien, Washington

Pat from Milan, Michigan

Marty, Salem, Oregon

Noel from Blue Hill, Maine

Jimmy, Olivia, Jonson & Shammahs, Hong Kong

Timothy, Hillsboro, Oregon 

Laura from Phoenix, Arizona

Neil, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Rick from Phoenix, Arizona

Linda, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Daniel, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Steve from Nashville, Tennessee

Robert, Iowa City, Iowa

Michael, Sacramento, California

Sandy from Englewood, Colorado

And don’t forget to join us when we Go Live at noon Friday (Pacific) for the last reading of Saint Ben. Be a part of this live audiobook with discussion to follow.

(Click on the picture to link to our zoom room at noon.)


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