Our New Relationship with God

A 12 part weekly series on the New Covenant by John Fischer

Listen to John tell the most important truth in all of scriptures that most Christians don’t know about.. the real HOW of the Christian life.

All these calls and challenges and motivations and inspirations are great, but how do we actually do it? How do we pull off the Christian life?

Bring all your years of frustration trying to be a good Christian and let John show you through this 12 Part Study in 2 Corinthians 2:12-6:13 how to exchange them for a relationship with God, where you are set free to be who you were always meant to be.

Each week, we will be posting the latest message from this brand new series.

To begin viewing the series, click here.

For a FREE STUDY GUIDE, fill in the boxes below.

10 Responses to

  1. I have been trying to get the study guide, but the link is not good. I am so excited about this study!!!

  2. Muriel Carter says:

    I met John thru email several years ago and I told him if he had a church I would join it in a heartbeat!
    Blessings, Muriel

  3. Daniel Tonder says:

    I am also waiting on the sudy guide. Will it be announced via the daily catch when it is up and running?

  4. authentism says:

    Hey John, Thank you for this careful teaching series. I wish I could get it on CD to share with others in their car players. I was saved in ’68 but in an uptight church. Your albums helped keep my soul alive in the 70’s (w/Pam Mark Hall, Randy Stonehill) and then Bob Bennett came along in the 80’s (along with Noel Paul Stookey!) I heard you teach on the New Covenant at Village Church in Hayward but couldn’t get it until the late 90’s. So good to hear it now and have my heart add “AMEN” to your words. I am sharing the videos with friends as “Trusting versus Trying Harder: A Clear Declaration of the New Covenant.” Terry Greenaway, Pleasanton, CA

  5. Christina West says:

    John, I am joining you and put in my Christina West Facebook with an ad from me to get Matthew 28:28-30 but just to let you know that free study guide would not go in kept wanting a URL? So fix it and send me one too! Love to do this again brother and a deeper cut! Can we talk sometime?

  6. Stacie Konkle says:

    Hi! I have a crazy request. Many years ago, on your Daily Catch blog, you did a 2-part series about celebrating Halloween as a Christian and using the opportunity to fellowship with neighbors. I had it printed out at one time, but (as I like to say all the time when I can’t remember something or find something) I’ve slept since then. Can you possibly shed a little light on this, please? Thank you!

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