We Have Won This War

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Morning sun rising; there’s sleep in our eye
And echoes of nightmares taunt us with lies
But this is a new day; this is the dawn
There is a new way calling us on

We have won this war
We have won this war
The fight may not be done
But the war’s already won

Don’t trust in armies; there’s no hope in guns
Don’t count on missiles that block out the sun
For nothing below us and nothing above
Can ever extinguish the fire of His love

We have won this war
We have won this war
The fight may not be done
But the war’s already won

World War II. The Cold War. Nine-eleven. Paris. San Bernardino. There’s no end in sight, and the chaos and insanity increases. Governor of New Jersey and Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, commenting on the recent shooting rampage in California said, “We need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war.”

If we are, the greatest weapon of the enemy is fear, and to whatever degree we let fear into our hearts is the degree to which we have lost ground. That’s why people taking to the streets in Paris and San Bernardino is a show of solidarity to say one thing, “We are not afraid.”

We need to take this to heart in our own lives. Fear is a powerful force. It can conquer without firing a shot. It can creep across continents and sail over oceans. It can travel on a sound wave or flash across the globe in a tweet. It can cross barriers and walls and pierce the heart of the most courageous. Fear is a powerful weapon.

But so is love. In fact, love is greater. The Bible says that “perfect love drives away fear” (1 John 4:18). “The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” We need to guard our hearts from fear, and one of the ways we can do that is by reminding ourselves that the war against evil, terrorism, injustice, sin and oppression has already been won. It has been forever put away on the cross. We may live with its effects in time and space, but we are fighting a defeated foe.

So we don’t fight fire with fire, instead, we fight everything with love.

Here’s how you fight terrorism: Love your neighbor. Love your friends. Love your family. Love your enemy. Love your boss. Love your employees. Love the one who hates you. Love.

You have the most powerful weapon in the world. Use it.

Bonus Track: Until Then

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3 Responses to We Have Won This War

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Amen to today’s Catch!

  2. Peter Leenheer says:

    This Catch that urges us to love, is right on the money. I hear many voices saying, ” How can I love the person who killed my child, started my house on fire or stole all my money?” and more such statements.

    Jesus loved the Pharisees and that is why he told them the unvarnished truth. They did not see it as love but as opposition. Sometimes love can only be shown by telling God’s truth. The love the Pharisees wanted was adoration for their incredible piety. That is not love. That is self serving. My mother in law wanted that kind of love, we could not give it to her because it was not authentic biblical love. We agonized over how we were to love her. So we prayed for her and did not let her violate our boundaries of self respect.
    Love at the place where most of us don’t like or understand it, is when it disciplines. God disciplines me constantly, I love it. Yet at the same time I don’t because it shows me my sins. It is my fault that I sin not God’s. He disciplines me to help me focus my will in the right place. Now that is love. Not the kind of blessing I usually desire from Him.
    Love does not keep a record of wrongs but it also does not let anyone get away with it. This does not mean revenge. If someone say, murdered someone in my family, I would forgive them. However I would testify against that person during their trial if I had witnessed them do it. That is love because it stands up for the love God expects us to do in obedience to His love command. We will still be judged and rewarded, according to how we exercised our God given will, but thanks to Jesus we are not condemned to hell if we have faith in him. King David is such an example.

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