Fear or Faith


The last two Catches, taken together, make another Catch. Tuesday’s Catch, “Where’s the Reverend Doctor?” was a disaster. Marti thought it was my worst ever. Had I shared it with her first, you never would have seen it. As it was, it served as a request for prayer, which a number of you kindly wrote me that you were taking on my request. The part’s fine. I will never turn down an offer for prayer, and I am seeking prayer for this. Thank you.

This all has to do with a memorial service I’m taking on for my friend Arnold in a couple weeks. As I was beginning to hear more stories about Arnold’s life, and some of his friends, who will probably be there, I was beginning to grow more and more intimidated. On Tuesday, I just couldn’t see past the boulder in the road. I stopped, and couldn’t go farther.

Normally, I don’t write a whole Catch on my depression and leave it there. This time I did. I made you wait a whole day before I could find my way out. I decided to just be honest about what I was feeling, which is what I usually try to do in my writing. I just don’t normally leave you hanging there holding the bag. I was even questioning whether I was the right guy to deliver the message. Get one of those Reverend Doctors they have on the church staff — that’s what everyone will be expecting anyway.

By the next day (yesterday) I had another Catch, “After further review…” that was full of confidence in the Holy Spirit and my spiritual gift, and reestablished myself as the man for the job. (I better be, because I am the one Arnold requested.)

I kind of feel bad about leaving everyone stuck on Tuesday, but that’s where I was at, and maybe we all learned something in the process. It’s pretty simple, really. At any given time, we have the option to look at ourselves; look at the circumstances; look at the dark side; look at the enemy; or look to the Lord and to the empowerment He has promised us. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness: you can look at the giants in the land or look to the Lord who promised to give you the land, who is much bigger than the giants. Choose fear or faith. It really boils down to that.

I love what J.J. wrote me after yesterday’s Catch: “Now that’s the John Fischer I know!!!”

Thanks J.J.! It’s good to be back.

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I am a retired college professor. I taught oral and written communication for more than 30 years. Now, I am a writer and web designer. I work with The Catch Ministry helping develop their social media presence.
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7 Responses to Fear or Faith

  1. I seem to remember someone teaching about how our sufficiency comes from God who has made us as sufficient handservants of a new covenant. Now, I wonder who that could be.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Dear Pastor John, I thought Tuesday Catch’s made you seem human.

    • jwfisch says:

      Yes that’s probably true, and initially why I wrote it. I don’t regret it. We all went through the process together.

    • I know you didn’t mean to imply that John isn’t “human” or doesn’t behave as a regular person but you do bring up a good point, Mark.
      John’s comments on Tuesday are an example of what separates a normal, flawed, salt-of-the-earth, regular guy… from a pious, pristine, got-my-act-together “super human” – like the picture displayed of the good “Reverend Doctor” on Tuesday.
      The Reverend Doctors of today are similar to the painting:
      just an image, a two-dimensional picture on display, a projection of what they wish us to see, a never-changing never-aging portrait of piety.
      John and multiple other “ministers-of-the-faith”, however, reveal themselves daily as three-dimensional (sometimes four?!) flesh-and-blood people who share their doubts, fears, and pains as well as their lessons, loves, and life experiences.
      They display a warmth and texture that cannot be expressed in a painting, a photograph, or pixilated images.
      They’re the real deal who strive not only to be the image of Christ but also to be an honest reflection of His love, Sacrifice, Truth, and Reality.

  3. Tom Gilbert says:

    John, I really love your honesty when you write about what’s going on with you and your life. Yes, sometimes we face those boulders in the road. Yes, sometimes we look back at a post or conversation and have a little remorse on how it was presented. But they key you touched on was that growth came from it

    You ARE the right guy for Arnold’s memorial service. And remember to keep using Marti as a sounding board!


    Tom Gilbert

  4. John A Fagliano says:

    “You hold the key to love and fear all in your trembling hand. Just one key unlocks them both. It’s there at your command.” Sometimes I try to remember that when I’m afraid of something.

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