The fingerprint of God


I am fascinated by the graphic I used earlier this week of a map of the world superimposed inside a fingerprint. My first thought was of each person’s worldview with some things the same based on our shared beliefs and values, while each one is different based on our unique upbringing and experience — no two of us alike. But then I thought of something else — a much more compelling interpretation of this image — that of the fingerprint of God on the world.

In spite of the horrible mess this world is in, you can still see the fingerprint of God everywhere. You can see it in His creation, in the things that He has made, from landscapes, and the plants and animals of the natural world to the moon and the stars by the billions in the night sky. Not to mention the magical wonders of undersea life in the oceans of the world. My daughter just spent a week in Tahiti and the pictures she sent back of the pristine beauty both above and below the surface of the water are breathtaking. That is, of course, the fingerprint of God. And you can see it in the face of every human being that, all together, gives us a composite of the face of God, since we are all in His image. That would include the faces of the hungry, and those distorted by birth or by life or disease. These also are part of the image of God since Christ became one with us on the cross when He became sin for us — He who knew no sin.

And then you can see the fingerprint of God in history as His story of redemption for the human race has been told from the beginning, and we have seen most of it lived and told except for the very end — the final chapter that awaits us just around the corner, it seems.

And finally, there’s the fingerprint of God on your life and mine — our own story we will tell over and over again throughout eternity. That’s the fingerprint of God on the world. It is indelible in the fabric of the universe.

Yes, the fingerprint of God is everywhere. As Maltbie D. Babcock wrote in his famous hymn, “This is my Father’s World; He shines in all that’s fair.” There is much that is fair. And that which is not, will soon be.

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2 Responses to The fingerprint of God

  1. Mark says:

    Good Catch!

  2. sherry craig says:

    Can you share the source (name) of the artist or designer who created this graphic? I would like to frame a print of it for a classroom themed project, therefore I need to ask for permission.

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