Finding Jesus down at Johnny’s


Now if Jesus were here I think we’d find Him today

Down at Johnny’s Cafe.

This line worked well as the punchline of the song, but it’s a little misleading. It implies that Jesus isn’t here today. Well, true, Jesus isn’t here physically — just as the song represents — but there are many other ways in which He is here.

First and foremost, He is here in us. This is why we are His body. We now are the physical presence of Christ in the world; we are His hands and feet. We see with His eyes and hear with His ears. So when we walk into Johnny’s Cafe or its equivalent — Jesus does too. This is why we need to be conscious of Him at all times — what’s on His agenda? What’s important to Him? What does He want with us? Am I at Johnny’s Cafe for the pancakes or is there something Jesus has in mind for my being there? It’s a way we need to train ourselves to think at all times. It’s no longer just you and me in the world; it’s you, me and Christ. Remember WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)? Well this is more like WDJWTDTU (What Does Jesus Want To Do Through Us?). This takes learning about the heart of God, coming to know His will, and learning to think like Christ. Now we can get lots of that instantly through His Holy Spirit, but we also learn a lot of it over time with Bible study, prayer, meditation and experience. That’s part of what discipleship is.

Secondly, Jesus told us that whatever we do to help the poor, hungry and impoverished — what He called “the least of these” — we do it unto Him. Whether He means He is the least of these or that He is so closely associated with them and their needs that what we do for them we might as well be doing for Him, I don’t think it matters. It’s the same for us either way. Treat the poor as if they were Jesus Himself. I think that’s what He wants.

And then finally, there’s one more way we find Jesus down at Johnny’s Cafe: we look for Him in everybody. I am learning to speak to the Spirt of God in everyone, whether I know He’s there or not, just in case. I believe He is there before the person knows it, anyway, so why not take a chance? Certainly there is nothing to lose. And if I’m right, I will be tugging on the heart of someone who already can sense something even if they can’t explain it.

So go ahead, Jesus is here today in so many ways at Johnny’s Cafe. So let’s go find Him!

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2 Responses to Finding Jesus down at Johnny’s

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love the from Today’s Catch: “So go ahead, Jesus is here today in so many ways at Johnny’s Cafe. So let’s go find Him!”

  2. If you woke up this morning you are on God’s mind.

    If you’re alive today, it’s not just because you were born many years ago… it’s because God thinks that you are exactly where you should be at this very moment.

    What’s more, all our life circumstances present today were created for right now. Our blessings are given to us all over again, and for that, we should be grateful.
    At the same time, God also permitted all the challenges that we will face today because He believes that they are for our very best (and for that, we also should be grateful).

    When God is thinking about us, including our life circumstances, we exist and everything around us exists. If God forgot about us for even a moment, we would no longer exist. We are always on God’s mind. At every moment, He is creating and re-creating the fabric of our lives.

    Sometimes people think that God may have forgotten about them or that He is too busy doing other things to take care of them. We might feel that God isn’t aware of our challenges or doesn’t know how we feel. But we have to understand that God is present and entirely involved at every moment of our lives. We are on His mind, He cares, and He is constantly creating everything exactly as it should be — today, tomorrow, and always.

    “In the beginning…”

    Excerpted from Holy Land Moments Daily Devotionals:
    “Always on His Mind” (10-05-18)

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