Rearranging the furniture on a revolution


John, one of our regular readers who frequently comments on Catches, commented on yesterday’s Catch with a story of his own. He went through a similar experience with adjusting to the deaths of his parents while living in the same house they occupied for 45 years. He spoke of similar feelings that I had being in my neighbor’s house which was for sale following her passing, yet still had her furniture and everything arranged the way she had it. I related that I had felt the presence of my neighbor somehow in the house and John experienced the same thing with his parents, until he decided to rearrange the furniture, add some new pieces — a new bedspread here, a table and lamp over there — and change things around from the way his parents had it, and lo and behold, it felt like a different place, no longer “haunted” by memories of his parents. Now we’re not talking about ghosts here, just memories, and feeling unable to break away from childhood feelings and impressions. The new arrangement gave him a fresh start.

Here at the Catch, we talk a lot about standing on the edge of a new frontier. That frontier is not ours; it is the frontier of the millennial generation. We have a strong representation of millennials who have made a connection with our vision, our mission and our message of grace turned outward. They have also made a connection — as much as they know about it — with the spiritual revolution of the Jesus Movement. (That connection will become even stronger as we launch our radio station showing the similarity between our music, as boomers, and theirs.) We are on the edge of a new spiritual revolution; some think it has already begun. But it won’t be like the Jesus Movement; it could never be like that again.

That’s why we need to clear the room for them. They need to start fresh without the cobwebs and the furniture of our experiences. It’s not about our memories. We need to stop looking back. We will look back only long enough to find what is relevant to today and bring it forward. That’s what Music that Mattes Radio is all about. It’s not about taking us back to an earlier time in our memories; its about bringing the earlier time forward and letting it speak into today. That is a big difference. And that’s what the Jesus Movement means to today. Bring it forward, and whatever won’t go forward, leave it back there. We are not creating shrines to the past; we are creating signs for the future — signs that will point the way to the new frontier.

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4 Responses to Rearranging the furniture on a revolution

  1. Mark says:

    Another great read!

  2. Alma Siemens says:

    That is right on target! Not everything that happened during the Jesus Movement is helpful now. Jesus is showing us what to bring forward and what to leave behind. I hope we are watching/listening.

  3. Here is my little side dish for our Community feast:

    “Most importantly, he brings everyone together…”

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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