In spite of the cold


It’s 46 degrees outside right now. Here in southern California, you have to realize, anything under 50 is arctic. We are having a cold, wet winter. Actually, I should say we are having a winter. That’s rare. On my calendar, spring training is right after the Super Bowl. Whatever falls in between the two is probably winter but it rarely amounts to much. I realize those of you in the Midwest are having a devastatingly cold time of it, and we shudder for you and pray for those who are in danger. You may surely laugh at me now.

Speaking of cold, did you catch the State of the Union address on Tuesday? That was frigid. It had all of the right words about unity, and all the reasons why there is none, and probably won’t be for some time, all in the same speech. I guess there is a tradition for all the Republicans to be sitting on one side and all the Democrats on the other, but it’s unfortunate. Imagine if they staggered members of each party, everyone would have someone from the other party on either side of them. Think of that, and think of them finding they have a lot in common.

The division and separation so evident in Washington is just an extension of what is going on in our culture today. All of this contributes to a fierce mood of animosity that permeates our culture and is evident everywhere in the marketplace.

I realized something as I watched this unfold and that is the fact that if suddenly everyone started to get along, and consensus began to rule the day, and government would start to run smoothly, the mood would go up and everyone would want Trump in for another term. But the Democrats could never let that happen, so we’re basically doomed to stay on our sides and duke it out until 2020. It appears no one wants to get along.

Enter you and me. What a great time to represent the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward. We extend welcome and grace to everyone — friends and foe alike — all races and all religions and none. We reach across the aisle, through the fence, over the wall, past the judgment, around the differences, and through the fear to get to those who need to hear about and experience the unconditional Grace of God as we have. It’s an important time to be following Christ.

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2 Responses to In spite of the cold

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    “It’s an important time to be following Christ.” Amen & didn’t Jesus say (A heavily paraphrased verses) love to your enemies & you’ll show the love of God. For even the heathen loves his own – how does that show God’s love?

    PS on Facebook like to use something Dale Carnegie teaches say to them that u may disagree with I understand I u feel, if I were u I’d feel the same about the issue (and sure enough if you were them that how you’d feel) And it’s very hard to argue with someone that’s agree with you… 🙂

    Also, love you have every right to your opinion and so do I, yet that’s still a bit more argumentative…

  2. David Janecke says:

    such an accurate account of our present status!

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