The Pigeon with the Ruby Collar

by Marti Fischer

As an expert on the human psyche, my wife has long held that the most popular and recurring fairy tales are universal statements of human interaction that mirror the roles common to all of us as human beings.

Fairy tales might have a purpose in entertaining the children, but they also hold deep insights into adults and their interactions with each other. The story of Peter Pan for instance holds enough psychological information about the male psyche to fill a bookcase with books. Not to mention as well the fertile ground of insights built into the characters of Wendy and Mrs. Darling in that same story. And you can do the same thing with the characters in the story of the original works of Cinderella, and, indeed, all fairy tales, because they have to be grounded in truth about the way we interact in the real world.

So today I want us to think about the universal story set in medieval times about the damsel in distress, trapped in the tower by a fire-breathing dragon, and waiting for her knight in shining armor on a white horse who will come to slay the dragon and rescue her.

For today’s Catch, we will look a different version of that story that will actually help us debunk some of it and come to some new conclusions. This is a lovely story written for our granddaughter Jocelyn Anne Fischer by Marti. So open up the pdf file, sit back and enjoy.

Jocelyn Anne’s story. Final copy 2 (1)

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1 Response to The Pigeon with the Ruby Collar

  1. A Grand Hooray! These are the kind of tales that I love the most!
    A standing ovation and a curtsy or bow to the blessed Grandmama whose heart is entwined with her Granddaughter!

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