Remember the fire



Nearly all of us will go through things in our lives that have the potential of destroying us but they don’t. We survive, we move on, we grow stronger. What’s more those intense times help create a quality of endurance in us that can help with the everyday stresses of life.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

In the Bible there’s a story about three Hebrews who had been captured, and along with several thousand other Jews, relocated to Babylon. But these three found favor with King Nebuchadnezzar and were given places of responsibility in the Babylonian court.

One day the King decided everyone should worship a big statue he made of himself. Being Jews, they refused. The penalty for that was to be tossed into a smelting furnace used to melt metals. The king gave them three chances to renege and they still refused.

So, he threw them into the furnace. But the only thing that burned were the ropes that bound them, and when the king looked into the furnace, he saw a fourth figure who looked like “the son of God.”

Well, the king had them brought out of the furnace and he proceeded to give them even more important jobs. It’s a great victory. And that’s where the story ends. But I like to think a little beyond the story.

In my mind, I can see the three of them sitting around the palace. Shadrach says, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. The Satraps in the north need grain. But the farmers in the south want more gold than they are willing to pay. And the King says I have to work this out, and I don’t know how…”

And Meshach leans over and says, “Hey Shad, remember the fire?”

When God has met us in a special way, we need to remember that at other times when we are maybe a little less clear about His presence in our lives. We’ve all been through the fire in one way or another, and the Lord brought us through. So when you’re tempted to doubt Him, remember the fire and keep on believing.

We continue to believe that together, you can get us to goal. If you haven’t given yet, won’t you join those have? The list is growing. We can do this. We’re on the backside of the mountain.

Remember the fire, and remember us!

John, Hampton, New Hampshire

Rebecca, Cullman, Alabama

Jimmy & Olivia, Hong Kong


Theresa, Gilbert, Arizona

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

John, Coralville, Iowa




Marge, Lansing, Michigan

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


Darrell, Nevada, Iowa

Sara, Hopedale, Massachusetts

Darin, Cozad, Nebraska

John, Hawthorn, Australia

Michael, Dayton, Texas

David, Lakeville, Minnesota

Neil, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

David, Liberty Lake, Washington

Roger, Whittier, California

Michael, Sacramento, California

Keith, Berea, Kentucky

Ruth, Artesia, California





Sharon, Jackson, Mississippi


Robert, Nashville, Tennessee

Paul, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Kent, Bryan, Ohio


Drew, Vancouver, Canada

Keith, Portland, Oregon

John, Chicago, Illinois

George, Barefoot Bay, Florida

Markus, Köln, Germany

Christopher, Edwardsville, Illinois

Lynn, Duluth, Minnesota

Garry, Ozark, Arkansas

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9 Responses to Remember the fire

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    When I first heard of the Catches money shortage, I was concerned there would no longer be a daily Catch. Then I was concerned that if there is one, all you would do is ask for money every day. Both of these concerns, I now admit are selfish. I benefit from the daily Catch but I’m sure the ministries you have going on for people in need in so many countries are more important.

    Since this problem arose you have handled it with more tact, and faith and humility than many in your situation might have had. Today’s Catch is a great example. It’s message spoke to me. I have wrestled with whether or not to make a donation. You see my finances are tight to the point where I’ve become very concerned about my future. But I’ve put my trust in God and am living one day at a time. There have been times in my past when I was in a financial crisis but God helped me find ways out. Yes I’ve been through the fire just like Shad, Shack and Nego.

    So I’ve just made my donation of $77. In the long run it won’t hurt me and I pray it helps you. I also pray I can inspire others as you have inspired me. We can get over this mountain.

    • I should probably leave the opportunity of first response to Mr. Fischer but your message above, Mr. Fagliano, touched me to the point that I immediately want to joyfully say both, “Thank you!” and, “God Bless You!”

      It’s not the dollar amount that’s important, but where everyone’s heart is at when their help or service is requested. Your hard-earned $77 is of far more value than what any of us can see in ledgers or checkbook balances.

      Your generous contribution reminds me of three biblical accounts:
      Exodus 36:2-7
      2 Chronicles 31:9-10
      Acts 2:44-47

      Shalom, Peace to you my friend…

    • jwfisch says:

      Thank you so much, John. You get it, and you are blessed. Thank you for telling your story.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    As I read Today’s Catch found a tear building up in my eye & then rolling down my cheek… See it reminded me of once being through a fire. Told this story a few times here @ the Catch and please forgive me for telling it yet again:

    As I was ‘waking – up’ from a 3 months coma and not knowing where I was or what happened to me and why I was in this place that looked like a Hospital. I use to wait until late @ nite to get out of the straps that held me in the bed and run away… (they used to keep me tied down b/c if I got out of bed and fell & hit my head I’d go back into a deep coma) Thank God I never did! LOL

    But this one nite I was having a hard time trying to get out of these straps, so I yelled out to God and ask where am I & what happened to me!?! Than all of a sudden I remembered a verse from a song I heard a neat Gospel group that I knew sing: “The chains that seem to bind you will drop helplessly behind you when you praise the Lord.”

    I remember thinking & saying out loud, Lord I don’t know where I am or what happen to me- but I know that you know & I take comfort in that. So I sand that verse… (the nurses probably thought I went nut, lol) The next day, or it could have been days latter not really sure all I do remember my parents waking into my room and asking my Dad where am I & what happened to me?

    My father burst into tears & fell into my hospital bed, my Mom fell to her knees by the door crying & thanking God for waking her son up.

    So that’s my story about being through a fire – and b/c I know God will certainly take care of the Catch!

    PS great post both by brother John & Bob, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

    • Mark D Seguin says:

      Let me plz add Praise God for John & Marti Fisher and taking care of the Catch’s short fall and the fire…
      PS Another praise for God taking care of me, see thought b/c of a long story I was going to loss my prescription coverage and was getting a bit bummed out over that and thinking man oh man Lord when will I catch a break here b/c that’s the money I NEED to expand my Biz to get off disability. Well our God came through yet again for me, just opened an email from the State of MI telling me a qualify for coverage!

      Praise God for His goodness & grace! What a great God we serve!

    • Thank you for sharing your story Mark – what a testimony!

      You reminded me of one of the most memorable and helpful songs from my early days as a new believer….
      Here’s Russ Taff and the Imperials singing “Praise The Lord”:

      Shalom, Peace to you my friend…

      • Mark D Seguin says:

        Thank-you brother Bob that’s the song! Didn’t quite remember all the words correctly, yet the Spirit of that verse worked back them in the mid eighties to help wake me up from a coma from a bad car accident… And God’s Holy Spirit blessed my heart again listening to that song, So thank-you again, appreciate it & you!

    • jwfisch says:

      Mark, you can tell this story as much as you like. And keep on telling it.

      When you know a wonderful story
      You don’t let it go unsaid
      You tell it too your children as you tuck them all in bed
      Because when you know a wonderful story
      You tell it to your friends
      Because a lifetime filled with Jesus
      Is like a street tha never ends
      – Larry Norman

  3. jwfisch says:

    Bob, John, Mark … thank you, all!

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