What we learned


One of the things we have learned through this campaign is who some of our influencers are here at the Catch. Peter Herschend saw a community; Marti built it; Shar’i filled a need within it with tangible acts of love; Herb Hellums made a place to belong; Neil McCauley, Bob Jennings and Noel Stookey opened it up to the marketplace; Dave Kelley, Mike High, Pat Klever and Mike Boland are making a way to advance the ministry by expanding the ministry; and Terri Main is taking that plan to millions through social media.

But the real influencers, hands down, are each one of you. You are the ones with the boots on the ground. You are the ones who are making a difference one person at a time.

Something else we were excited to find through this campaign are a lot of new people we haven’t seen take part before. Our friend John Shirk showed us how small gifts matter a lot when challenging others to join his 1% of Goal Club, and we had more small gifts than ever before, and indeed, he’s right — small gifts do matter! Dave S. took John Shirk’s 1% appeal that said “I don’t want to tell everyone what they should give, but some people might have the resources to give much more than 1% of the goal.” Dave S. responded by establishing the 10% to Goal Club.  Dave, you took us over the top last night — thank you! 

Now we hope that many of you will take the next step and become a MemberPartner like Dave McKitrick who joined us early this morning as a new MemberPartner. As the lifeblood of the Catch Ministry, you are joining  other MemberPartners to help advise the Catch Ministry on its direction and focus. As a new MemberPartner, you will soon know the power of our MemberPartner contributions that further God’s kingdom.  As a new Member Partners, Dave, Welcome!

And finally the thing we already knew, but saw it again in force this last week, is how committed you all are. You are unwavering. You defy all the statistics for staying power as recognized in a recent study on not-for-profit ministries. Here is what the report said:

“The Catch Ministry donors have a very surprising behavior as a group: They never quit. Attrition is very low from the very beginning of The Catch Ministry. Not only do these people bear the bulk of The Catch Ministry’s ability to go forward, they do so unfailingly and without personal recognition. These are most unusual characteristic among other not for profit donors.”

You defy all the statistics for staying power because you are committed to the Catch Ministry’s vision. While some are giving up and turning away from the world and its people, we are tuning in — listening to the Millennials, GenXers and GenZ’s, looking for ways we can introduce the new frontier; the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward to everyone everywhere. You see, we all within our Catch community have something to give.

With a sense of renewal from a pending crisis, we Thank You for being who you are as we continue to advance the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward to everyone, everywhere.

My next (and last) email today will include balloons and confetti because it will celebrate the fact that we ran the race, and together, we won!  Join the other champions listed below and help us exceed our goal by clicking here.

And …. thank you again and again and again!


Mike, Tucson, Arizona

Allen, Exton, Pennsylvania

Margaret, Midland, Texas

Amanda, Visalia, California


Chilly, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Michael, Dayton, Texas

Melissa, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Kristin, Chesterfield, Missouri




David, Normandy Park, Washington

John, Longwood, Florida

Tom, Washington, DC

Tim, Hillsboro, Oregon

Lisa, Sunland, California

Craig, Sagle, Idaho


Kathi, Whiting, New Jersey

Paul, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Priscilla, Spencerport, New York

Kent, Bryan, Ohio

Suzette, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

John, Cupertino, California

Kerry, Mason, Ohio



Barbara, San Jose, California





Garry, Ozark, Arkansas

Gerry, Tucson, Arizona


Nancy, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota






Victor, New Castle, Pennsylvania

George, Barefoot Bay, Florida


Glenda, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Keith, Portland, Oregon


John, Chicago, Illinois

Mark, Raleigh, North Carolina

Daniel, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Lisa, Sunland, California

Richard, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Merlyn, Goodyear, Arizona

Steve, Nashville, Tennessee




John, Hampton, New Hampshire

Rebecca, Cullman, Alabama

Jimmy & Olivia, Hong Kong


Theresa, Gilbert, Arizona

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

John, Coralville, Iowa




Marge, Lansing, Michigan

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


Darrell, Nevada, Iowa

Sara, Hopedale, Massachusetts

Darin, Cozad, Nebraska

John, Hawthorn, Australia

Michael, Dayton, Texas

David, Lakeville, Minnesota


Neil, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

David, Liberty Lake, Washington

Roger, Whittier, California

Michael, Sacramento, California

Keith, Berea, Kentucky

Ruth, Artesia, California





Sharon, Jackson, Mississippi


Robert, Nashville, Tennessee

Paul, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Kent, Bryan, Ohio


Drew, Vancouver, Canada

Keith, Portland, Oregon

John, Chicago, Illinois

George, Barefoot Bay, Florida

Markus, Köln, Germany

Christopher, Edwardsville, Illinois

Lynn, Duluth, Minnesota

Garry, Ozark, Arkansas

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2 Responses to What we learned

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    So glad so many people came through. This was done for the true gospel.

  2. Now that the pressures and decisions during this season of charitable pleading and giving has, for the most part, passed…
    If you, Catch reader, could have any three things, what would YOU want?

    For the regular meter-feeders to the Catch as well as the 95% of Catch followers who, as John alluded to last week, are “parking on someone else’s dime” perhaps we all could learn a little something about giving from this 11-year old child.

    From tonight’s segment of “On The Road With Steve Hartman” (CBS News) here is an episode that speaks to the hearts of everyone from pre-Boomer to post-Gen-Z’er.

    Do you or do you not have a heart for giving?
    If so, are you willing to keep on giving through thick and thin?

    If yes, learn from a child – this is how it’s done…


    Shalom my friends…

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