Don’t be afraid


Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

When you look at the world and your little place in it, it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. Especially in light of the recent shootings of innocent, random people that make us feel so helpless. The result of this is to be afraid — to be overcome by worry and the terror that most of these attacks are trying to create.

In view of this, we need to remember not only who we are, but whose we are. Jesus would say to us, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

What is Jesus saying here? First, He is telling us not to be afraid. The enemy loves to tie us up in fear. It not only renders us ineffective for any kind of ministry, it destroys our message. Who is going to believe us if we say God’s in control — trust in God — but we are just as afraid as the next guy?

And then Jesus tells us why we don’t have to be afraid. We may feel little; we may look little; we may even feel helpless, but we are none of these things. He even calls us “little flock,” but then He reveals something in direct contrast to that — He tells us that the Father has given us the kingdom. The kingdom of God is the possession of little people. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like you and me. Suddenly we are not little anymore. We are not insignificant. We are not only a part of the kingdom of God — we own it. No matter how small you may be, that’s a pretty big deal.

And besides not being afraid, we represent the kingdom of God in the way we respond to these situations that make us feel small. We respond as people of the kingdom — we return hate with love; when forced to go a mile, we go the extra mile; we are peacemakers instead of makers of war; we offer mercy instead of revenge, pardon instead of punishment; we love our enemies, we pray for the shooters; we are clearly cut from a different cloth, and these opportunities give us a chance to show what the kingdom of God really is like.

Have no fear little ones; you have a job to do, and a different way of life to represent. And the Father is pleased to give you the kingdom so that you can do this. Now walk in it and let Jesus manifest its values in you.

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6 Responses to Don’t be afraid

  1. kellief4 says:

    Amen John.

  2. John A Fagliano says:

    Reading your first paragraph I realise that feeling small and insignificant, helpless and afraid, are some the things that drive these shooters to do their murderous attacks. While doing their shootings they feel, in a demented way, finally in control and significant. That is why it’s so important to fight off these lies from Satan. If it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, then nothing can stand in the way of the Father.
    This was another great catch, John. I also say Amen. And to our brothers and sisters in Dayton, praying in a circle I also say Amen.

  3. peter leenheer says:

    Let us pray that all such people not act on such murderous thoughts. Prayer changes things, let us ask God to do just that! Let us pray before these things happen instead of after the damage is done.

  4. peter leenheer says:

    Let us pray not only after the shootings, but also before. Let us pray now that all those presently harboring such thoughts decide not to do that, but surrender their guns. Keep praying that. With God there is always another solution.

  5. peter leenheer says:

    Sorry, I thought that my first comment was not posted, hence two similar ones.

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