Faith more real than faith


It was most likely my last time to see Ron Ritchie. His body is shutting down. They are not trying to treat the cancer, only to keep him comfortable, which they are doing. As of yesterday, at least, he’s in no pain. A few days ago, he slept for six days. But he was surprisingly alert and upbeat when I finally saw him. He was funny, and teaching the word. Just like always. What else would you expect? He had an audience.

He had his old New American Standard New Testament in his hand, the one with the hand-made leather cover from the 1970s. “Is your name in here?” He asked me right off the bat.

“I’m sure it is.” I took it from him and thumbed through it. It was marked up with colored pencils and certain words and phrases that had been bolded with the Koh-I-Noor ink pens that were a “requirement” of our internship. These are high quality art pens that deliver black ink to a very tiny tip so you can actually bold letters in the text. In fact, these pens were so “spiritual” then that I think the only places you could get them were at art stores or the local Bible bookstore where they must have stocked them just for us.

Ron’s favorite go-to passage is now John 14: “Let not your heart be troubled …” “It’s all there,” he says. “All the truths about faith and eternal life — it’s all there and it’s all very real. It’s just my turn now.” 

I hear he became pretty famous at the hospital where he gave away his books and chatted with everybody. His favorite line in the hospital was from one of my songs: “Everyone wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” He kept repeating this to everyone and he said the Indian Hindu doctors loved it the most.

His other favorite thing to do in the hospital was to say if someone looks alone like they don’t know what to do, you should just go up and kiss them. He tried it a couple times and he said they loved it, but they tried to hate it. Ron is a disruptive personality; you just never know what to expect.

It was like gold to be there. I had him mostly to myself along with his two sons and one Millennial grandson, who, true to form, hung onto every word I was writing about Ron.

Finally, a very dear friend and Chairman of Ron’s non-profit ministry came with his son and daughter-in-law. When Ron signaled that he was tiring, he asked his friend to pray, and the friend barely made it through, sobbing uncontrollably throughout. 

I must say, the takeaway from this whole experience was clearly the power of the truth. Ron was almost impatient with the tears, only because from his perspective there is no loss, no fear in death, only gain. Both he and his wife were visibly buoyed by the strength of faith. For us, who are not facing death as imminently as they are, it’s frightening, and we talk about faith, by faith. For them, it takes no faith to have faith. Faith is it. It is the thing itself. As the writer of Hebrews says, faith is the substance of things hoped for. It’s faith more real than faith, if that makes any sense.

It’s a little like another story that came from the hospital. Someone said: “So I hear Ron is not well.” And someone else said: “Gee … someone ought to tell him that.”

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11 Responses to Faith more real than faith

  1. Don Broesamle says:

    “We do not mourn as those who have no hope.”
    Thanks for this grand view of faith.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Thank Pastor John got a good chuckle out of this: “It’s a little like another story that came from the hospital. Someone said: “So I hear Ron is not well.” And someone else said: “Gee … someone ought to tell him that.””

  3. Holly Berntson Freeman says:

    I am so thankful you got to be there with him John. We chatted briefly the day before and his upbeat cheerful countenance was like my brother Dan who passed away March 6. Dan was so calm and cheerful and full of faith saying God knows the day and time He will bring us home and I am at peace with that, you need to be too. Ron & AnneMarie, we are with you in spirit, at your side. My dad and mom send their love and prayers. Mom didn’t want to do a Facetime video chat saying it would scare Ron to death. They love you so much, as do we all.

    • jwfisch says:

      How great to hear from you, Holly. Yes, he was in rare form. Your mom’s comment made me laugh. Please give your parents my love.

  4. Machiel VanDordrecht says:

    Ron more had profound impacts on lives than he could ever be aware of, including mine. Glad you could have some time with him, John!

  5. Grace says:

    Love love love love love
    He’s living it
    On the outside

  6. Sky says:

    Dear John, thank you for sharing Ron’s story and legacy. God’s blessings on Ron, his family and you my friend.

    Sky Thomas

  7. bh says:

    I am in love with these posts. Such a treat for us to gain insight, as we are praying, have questions, but would never intrude on this sacred space/holy ground, so, thank you, John! Until we are all “free at last”, “just show up!” (Ron-isms)

  8. Priscilla Moyle says:

    Love the picture and comments. Very thankful Glen and I were able to connect with Ron and Anne Marie just last month after moving back to California. So many precious memories of the 70s and gratefulness for Ron’s discipleship to get us started on our 44 year road of marriage.

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