Hook often feels alone.

Captain Hook often feels alone.

… especially when he is around his crew. He feels isolated and cut off from them, culturally and intellectually. He has very few friends except for Smee, his “number 2 man,” who is friendly and genial.
Hook views Smee as his confidant, sharing personal thoughts with him which is not common for a villain of Hook’s acclaim. It has also been revealed that he was heavily ostracized by others as a child, as he explains to Mr. Smee several times, resulting in him spending most of his childhood hated and alone.
Hook likes flowers and music. He plays the harpsichord despite his loss of a hand. He likes to smoke two cigars at once in a holder that has seen both stage and screen. He actually does like – and celebrates – his iron hook, and does not miss his hand at all, often stating that his children should be born with a hook instead of a hand. He uses his hook as a weapon and is quite feared because of it. He likes to keep clean, dress well, and present himself nicely. He is a dastardly villain who tries unsuccessfully to be always in good form.
We like Hook’s vulnerability, although he can’t help it, since he’s trying to be just the opposite. 
At the Catch, we like to think of vulnerability as a positive character trait — something to be sought after. We have come to see human weakness as an opportunity for God’s strength. 
Hook would be humiliated if he knew we liked him for his bad form — that we see so much of our own attempts at coverup in his silly antics. Poor Captain Hook: doesn’t even know he’s done us all a favor and saved us from ourselves.
You can do yourself, and the Gospel of Welcome that celebrates strength in weakness a favor by keeping the Catch strong and viable into next year with a generous year-end gift. But time is running out. The clock is still ticking, but not for long. (Some of our Catch members are in parts of the world already in 2020.) Most of you still have time.
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We started great; now help us finish strong. We still have a ways to go. Don’t let the clock run out on our goal!
We have just found out John’s first album, the 1969 recording “Cold Cathedral” including Jesus movement classics, “Look All Around You,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” and “Road of Life” has just been remastered and will be available shortly. To celebrate its release we are offering a free download to everyone who contributes in our end-of-year campaign. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this “better than the original” mix!
Let’s ensure this message will continue to go out loud and clear by giving a generous year-end gift today.
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Noel, Blue Hill, Maine
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The clock’s already running. 
Join them now.
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