Justice, freedom and love


I’d (hammer, ring, sing) out danger

I’d (hammer, ring, sing) out a warning

I’d (hammer, ring, sing) out love between

My brothers and my sisters

All over this land


It’s the hammer of justice

It’s the bell of freedom

It’s the song about love between

My brothers and my sisters

All over this land

from “The Hammer Song” by Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes

“The Hammer Song” — originally written in 1949 in support of the progressive movement in America — turned into “If I Had A Hammer” in 1962 as recorded by Peter Paul & Mary and became a banner song of the civil rights movement. (Click on picture below for a link to PP&M’s performance of the song during the historic march on Washington.) Whatever it meant politically in 1949 in support of a small, third party movement, it took on a higher calling in the ‘60s, championing three things at the top of God’s list for humanity in general — freedom, justice and love.

It’s a song that warns of the danger of what can happen when justice and/or freedom are ignored, or worse yet, violated. But it also presents the solution: love. God, and Martin Luther King Jr., would agree. Love is the antidote to bondage and injustice.

Yes, love can be applied at the national and societal level, and that is what Dr. King taught us. For him it was all one and the same — biblical truth and its application in society. God has told us how to love and how to treat one another. He told us and then He showed us through His son. Love is what needs to define how we treat fellow human beings at every level.

Love is the way we treat the immigrant.

Love is the way we treat people of other races.

Love is the way we treat people from other countries and other religions.

Love is the way we treat anyone who is different.

Love is the way we treat our enemies.

Love is the way we treat anyone and everyone.

Easy to say; hard to do; but it is the standard for us all. It works on a societal level and on a personal level. Let love guide our actions, our laws, our vote and our allegiances. Put love between your brothers and your sisters all over this land, and you will be fulfilling the law and the will of God.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

    And what does the Lord require of you?

To act justly and to love mercy

    and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8


But you must return to your God;

    maintain love and justice,

    and wait for your God always. Hosea 12:6


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5 Responses to Justice, freedom and love

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love the Truths expressed in Today’s Catch!

    PS plus really like Peter, Paul & Mary!

  2. William D Isidoro says:

    I appreciate your article today. I have many far more conservative friends who might just attack it as liberal propaganda. I would argue that how we are to love in any given situation can be complicated and require much prayer and good counsel. But its going to look like 1Corinthians13… Thanks again for being bold enough to share your point of view…🙂

  3. dierama says:

    This is perfect John! Jesus was a radical lover of us Humans! Jesus was very critical of those who were the orthodox conservatives of his day. The Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes believed that it was by their obeying all of their many sin rules and living perfect lives that it would save them. Jesus came with his two love commandments and said that these people and this attitude can/will kill me but i will rise again and defeat death, their main fear! Therefore believe in me, take on my mantle and yoke of my way, my commandments and you will find freedom and be released from your sins and sin laws because I have fulfilled them!

  4. John A Fagliano says:

    Thanks for the historic video and for today’s message. I’ve always loved “If I had a Hammer” Since I was a child.

  5. jwfisch says:

    Who can argue against freedom, justice and love?

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