Bringing in the Christmas tree


Well, maybe not quite this big …

Inquiring minds want to know. If it took cutting up my dry Christmas tree with a chainsaw to get it out of the house, how did I get it in? Enough people asked me the question to indicate there were most likely many more of you who thought it. So I figured it deserved an answer. It’s a simple answer, really. It took two guys from the Christmas tree lot that delivered it to carry it in. True, I could have waited until Chandler was available to help me carry it out, but pulling a flexible, fresh-cut tree through a door jamb is different from pulling through a dry, brittle, scratchy one. 

Plus, we have a tradition around what we do with part of the tree. After cutting the top off and slicing off all the branches, we have about a five-foot log left that I cut up and use for firewood the next year. It’s a great way to light up the Christmas season with something left over from the year before. Building memories on top of memories, that is what Christmas is all about.

This practice always reminds me of when we lived in New England and Christopher and Anne were in grade school, we would attend the Christmas Eve service at our church which was only a block away. The service always ended with a candle lighting ceremony, and Christopher and Anne refused to blow their candles out, wanting to walk home with them still burning and begin our own Christmas Eve festivities by lighting the fire in our fireplace that I left ready to start. So it was that the flame from the Advent candle at church made it home to our hearth.

I’ll always remember the year we had to huddle together all the way home to block the cold wind that year that was trying hard to extinguish our little flames of faith, and how we had to re-light and keep lighting our candles off of whoever’s was still burning — an unforgettable picture of how we need to gain strength from each other to keep our faith going when we are weak and beset by troubles on all sides.

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1 Response to Bringing in the Christmas tree

  1. Sandie says:

    What beautiful memories for you and your kids! My love for the season – especially the lights – was born in my earliest memories…how, despite limited finances, my mom and dad created magic…at least for me. You put away nine boxes…I have at lease three times that! There’s my gingerbread collection, stuff from my childhood…and the lights…the lights. Our front yard becomes a spectacle; red and green lights wrapping the palms and oak tree and the roof gutters. Candy canes and color-changing lollipops. It’s our gift to passers-by, something to light their way and create a spark of surprise and joy for the season. And my hope is that our lights speak of the Light that came to us; that a tiny spark leads to Him.
    On another note…when it comes to Christmas tree hunts, my kids remember standing guard over ‘possibles’ at a tree farm, waiting for my final decision! And there’s always the Clark Griswold tree; that movie cracks us up every time we see it!
    Thank you for sharing!

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