How Grace Turned Outward gives you a head start with everybody.


With the country split in half and everyone getting meaner, what an opportunity for grace turned outward! We are offering the anti-thesis to everything brewing in society. Wherever you are, from the mail room to the executive offices, you are in a position to make a difference. Whenever you engage with anybody, from neighbors to clerks, to delivery drivers, you have an opportunity to stand out simply because of what has happened to you.

Grace turned outward calls for graciousness, kindness, a simple word here and there, in season and out; little things go a long way. This starts with just acknowledging that someone else is there. A smile will do a lot, and it can be the beginning of a conversation.

For this is the essence of Grace Turned Outward — something wonderful has happened to you. You have received something totally undeserving, and since you didn’t deserve it, neither did the person you are talking to. And because it is a gift given freely to all, you know they qualify. No question. So whether they choose to receive it or not, you have good news for them. You have good news for everybody.

And if you’re like me and you’d prefer to keep to yourself, once you’re engaged in conversation with someone, you are so glad you came out. We’re all lonely in a crowd; we all long for real connection. It’s what we were made for. It’s almost magical to know so much about someone before you even start. Like having a head start on everybody.

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2 Responses to How Grace Turned Outward gives you a head start with everybody.

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Great read!

  2. While we receive the gift, we now have a responsibility.
    “Gift” implies… a choice. “Responsibility,” on the other hand, implies obligation…

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