When can I get a hug?


Stay-at-home Mom. Stay-at-home Dad. Stay-at-home schoolchildren. Stay-at-home non-essential workers. I guess just about everybody is staying at home. And all you need to confirm this is to drive on the L.A. freeways during rush hour and find out there is no rush.

So many questions. People without work. People without a home to stay in. How long will this be going on? How much of this is real? How much of this is panic? How long can we last? How will we know it’s over? Who can we trust? How can we “distance” our “social” when we need each other so much? When can I get a hug? How do we pass time without America’s pastime? What does it mean to shelter yourself?

Here’s one thing I do know. Here in the Catch community, we are set up to help you because we’ve been on top of ways to communicate, dialogue, and meet each other’s needs online using social media for over a decade. And here are some ways we can help:

  1. Prayer. We have prayer warriors who are praying for you already. But they are also eager to receive your specific requests. (See the letter below from our Prayer Pastor if you haven’t yet read it.) So let us know your specific needs, your concerns, your fears. We have an invisible enemy, but we have an invisible power much bigger than he is. Our power is the One in control.
  2. Counseling. Many of our prayer requests end up in counseling because they reveal a need. If you have a specific counseling need, use the same prayer button below and we will get ahold of you via email.
  3. Church and other social connections. Many churches have now been forced to go online. We’ve been having church online for over a year now. Join us this Sunday at 6pm PDT at <www.facebook.com/thecatch> for music, teaching and interaction via live chatroom. And now we have our Online Video Conferencing Bible Study on Wednesday nights, also at six o’clock via the Zoom platform. This is truly social in that we can both see and hear each other. We have the capability of having up to 100 people participating, so come next Wednesday and spread the word.  <https://zoom.us/j/619558169>
  4. Sign up to receive the Catch free every day if you don’t already get it. It’s not only a way to receive daily spiritual insight and real-life encouragement, it’s the way we stay in touch. There will be reminders and links to special opportunities during this period of time when we are all stay-at-home people.

We are an online community. We are the body of Christ. We are family. So stay at home, but join the family. It may not be a hug, but it’s pretty close.

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14 Responses to When can I get a hug?

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    Thanks for all you’re doing. It’s hard to live without answers. The peace that passes understanding is what we all need now. God bless us all through this.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    A very interesting Facebook posting from 13 mar 2020:
    President Trump
    Corona Virus
    US Cases 1,329
    US Deaths 38
    Panic Level: Mass hysteria

    President Obama:
    H1N1 Virus
    US Cases 60.8 Million
    US Deaths 12,469
    Panic Level: Totally Chill

    Do you all see how the Media can Manipulate Your Life?

    PS May I please suggest to consider turning off CNN, MSNBC & Fox News, ect… and instead reading a Newspaper either read your Bible & think about watching one of the C-Span I, II or III
    Also, where I live in GC City, MI in a section – 8 housing Apt. Complex there was a sick elderly woman this pass Tuesday taken to the Hospital & tested for the virus – Now I don’t know if she tested positive or negative for it! Nor do I need to know! What the heck can I do about it anyway – Nothing but talk to God in Prayer! And let Him talk back to me through His Word..
    As my Nurse & Physical Therapist said – wash your hands often – stay six feet apart AND MOSTLY CLAIM DOWN!!!

    • jwfisch says:

      Way to go Mark. Good advice and I love your story. That’s worth repeating.

    • John A Fagliano says:

      Look at the percentages of the numbers you posted. If 1% of 1,329 cases resulted in death, that would be 13 deaths. 1% of 60,800,000 would have been 608,000 deaths. Clearly Covid 19 has a higher fatality rate. I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just defending what’s being done. It’s not an overreaction. As for media manipulation, let’s not use that as an excuse for behaviour. People make their own decisions to panic or have faith.

      That said, I truly appreciate your idea of praying and listening to God.

  3. John, I’d like to add another item to your list which we all can share: Joy.
    “A joyful (merry, cheerful) heart is good medicine…” Proverbs 17:22

    I’m interested in reading what brings joy into everyone’s lives. If there are videos to view, I’d love to see them.
    And, it doesn’t have to be any one thing but anything or anyone that brings you joy – I dislike it when I’m asked to select my favorite ______ (fill in the blank) because there is usually more than one favorite for me for different reasons.
    I also figure that many of us share joy in the same things or people but we may have forgotten about it until someone stirs up our memory and brings that smile back to our face. This will be “good medicine” if you participate.

    I’ll start. And then, please, everyone, you share what brings you joy.

    This scene from the 1952 film “Singin’ In The Rain” never fails to brighten my mood. Here’s Donald O’Connor performing “Make ‘Em Laugh”

  4. jwfisch says:

    Well … he made me laugh. Thanks for that.Last night our family started a text barrage with my daughter in Hawaii, my son 45 min. away in Placentia and Marti and me in two parts of the house. The exchange’s hilarious. Too many in-jokes to share with everyone but it was definitely good for the soul.

    • Yes, family can bring amazing joy – especially those in-jokes!
      Times of joy for me also include our family dinners each Sunday and the times we play cards – mostly cribbage or pinochle – with each other. Lots of meaningful conversations and laughter when we’re together at those times.

      My appeal to the Catch community is to not be bashful and don’t worry if your joy isn’t “spiritual enough.” Share it anyway.
      Of course joy can be found in spiritual things and they are perfectly appropriate to list and share but so are puppies, kittens, baby burps, umbrellas, music, artwork, sunsets, moonrises, yo-yo tricks, scuba-diving, mountain-climbing, flowers, a cool beverage… boy, this list could go on forever so please share.
      There must be something you have to offer that can help bring that Spirit of Joy into our and others hearts during these ominous times.
      Consider this one of your joyful gifts of joy-filled service – Thanks! 🙂

      He gave us eyes to see… and lips that we might tell…

  5. Kindness 101

    Join Steve Hartman from “On The Road” as he teaches an interactive week-long course for students of ALL ages about kindness.
    It runs this next week from Monday, March 23rd through Thursday March 26th starting at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific each day. Each session will last 30-minutes.

    Here are the details from this evenings program:

    You and your family are guaranteed to smile.

  6. Sandy Campbell says:

    Here’s a great big hug for everyone at The Catch!! 🤗 Thanks for all you’re doing and encouraging us all!! God bless!!!

  7. Sorry to be a pest but…
    No, wait! I’m not sorry at all!
    We need an infusion of good news and, by golly, even I’m the only who is going to share then so be it!
    Okay, that’s out of my system.

    Here’s one more wonderful story from a national news source – sorry, Mark – that shares the gratitude many are expressing to those on the front lines whose prominence is often neglected or ignored.

    Here’s Harry Smith again, this time from Friday’s “Today Show”.
    “Social Distancing May Actually Be Bringing Us Closer Together”…



  8. Other smile-inducing memories for me include “Star Trek” (the original series).
    As a kid when the series first aired back in the 60’s, I was smitten.
    Even though I’ve watched the series countless times and the technology presented back then is now obviously dated, it still evokes that same childlike wonderment in me.

    Sure, I enjoyed the action of the space battles and fights between the Enterprise crew and the Klingons or the Romulans, or Captain Kirk with the Gorn and others; and I was always intrigued by the idea of alternate universes that involved a bearded-Spock or Lazarus; or aliens from outside our galaxy who were either benevolent or who came to conquer or learn; but, ultimately, what kept (and keeps) me re-watching the episodes are the stories themselves. Perhaps simplistic by today’s “enlightened” standards but good stories nonetheless.

    In most of Star Trek fandom, one of the favorite episodes is “The City On The Edge Of Forever” featuring a beautiful and endearing Joan Collins.
    While there are many great scenes in this particular episode, there is one that has always stood out for me where Captain Kirk shares with Edith Keeler the three most important words embraced in the future (i.e.: today, in our present time).

    How poignant those words truly are for today during this time of anxiety.
    And, as today happens to be William Shatner’s birthday – Happy Birthday Captain! – I think it is an opportune time to share that scene featuring those three little words:

    Please share your joys this week.
    Everyone needs our help, our smiles, and our encouragement!

    Shalom, Peace…

  9. My cats will scorn me but today (March 23rd) is National Puppy Day!

    In lieu of sports, ESPN2 will be airing puppy video’s tonight starting at 6:00 Eastern.
    You may not be able to hug a neighbor but anyone can hug a pup!
    (Puppies – and kittens – help relieve stress, too.)


    Happy National Puppy Day!
    Shalom, Peace…

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