There should be blessings


Anne Marie reached out to touch Chandler and bless him (see yesterday’s Catch). It was a moment of power and significance that was as real then as it is today.

It involved bestowment. Anne Marie had something she wanted to bestow upon Chandler and by touching and praying for him she was able to make a spiritual connection between her and the Lord.  A connection that carried her husband, Ron, and her through the 80+ years of their lives is now Chandlers. This is what’s called a blessing.

It was all about identification. By placing her hands on Chandler, she was identifying with him — acknowledging that she sees him; she regards him as worthy. In this world of loneliness and isolation, it was a calling out of personhood. She was saying, “I see you as the Lord sees you, Chandler, and you matter greatly.”

It was about a calling. Chandler was being reminded his life had a purpose. It was an event that focused on his life, its meaning, purpose and direction. She identified a particular function that he was surprised she recognized.  There was a mutual confirmation.  And I was there as a witness to remind him when life persuades him to take another route. Carrying the light of Christ is no small assignment without the recognition and her reminder, especially when life gets tough, for it surely will.

It was indeed a spiritual blessing. Jesus blessed Peter for realizing and acknowledging that He was the Messiah (Matthew 16:15-17). He said that those who hear the word and obey it are blessed (Luke 11:27-28). And He blessed those who, like us, believe in Him without seeing Him (John 20:28-29).

And it was empowering — naming the source of that light as Christ Himself gave Chandler the confidence to know that God Himself would be responsible for shining that light in and through his life, always connecting his life with His light.

All this was involved in one blessing. It was an event that said to Chandler, “Someone other than Christ sees who I am.” It is a confirmation as much as it is a blessing — something we all must recall when interacting with other people who know the Lord.  We, too, are free to bless, and to touch one another — not any thing different from what Christ himself does when reaching out through us with his hand of blessing.

Don’t you think we need more blessings?

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5 Responses to There should be blessings

  1. Gregory says:

    What a great time for father and son. God is good.

  2. Bob says:

    Yes definitely! If you see something, say something. This phrase is usually used in regards to warning about prospective danger, but I think it applies when we see something positive too. In this case, seeing God at work in someone else and encouraging them.

  3. Mark D Seguin says:

    Pastor John to answer your question: “Don’t you think we need more blessings?” Yes & Amen!

  4. John A Fagliano says:

    While reading this Catch, I was thinking about this song by Susan Ashton. In the song, Susan is asking for a blessing (a benediction) and the lyrics are so relatable. Yes, we should all give each other blessings.

  5. boromax says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. This is such a mighty testimony to the power of BLESSING. The instruction to bestow blessing is clear all through scripture. Why don’t we see it? More important, why don’t we act on it? Shalom!

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