What is 21? It’s a card game. A 2008 movie with Kevin Spacey. A clothing store. A winning score in ping pong. But for everyone at one time in their life — and for our son Chandler, that time is today — it is a right of passage — an unseen doorway into a new life and the responsibility that comes with it. Chandler is 21.

He has overcome many obstacles since 09, 09, 1999.  He is a deeply sensitive and spiritual soul with an uncanny ability to see around the corner into your thoughts. And his smile … it lights candles that burn in your heart. 

During seasons when we feared the light would burn out, you walked alongside Chandler, loving him and praying with us.  Together, we were with Chandler as he faced into pain and as it opened his heart, it opened ours too.  In such vulnerability all of our eyes opened wide to see Christ holding a candle to light our way through the darkness, recalling to us that He will never leave or forsake us.

For the many trials that lie ahead for such a man as Chandler, the Lord has given him the candle to hold.  Chandler might allow the light to dim, but the Lord will never turn his back on him nor let the light burn out.

The candle Chandler carries is given to you as well and like Chandler, who knows, you might discover that your smile lights candles that burn in someone else’s heart.

An aside: When Chandler was a baby, his “go to” toy was a truck. He carried it everywhere with him and slept with it at night. The truck is set aside for him to give to his son. Except for the size of the truck, not too much has changed. We would love to gift him with such a truck.  However, short of a miracle, that is not going to happen…. Unless, of course, someone reading today’s Catch is a used truck broker who knows of a special deal or someone with a truck in the driveway for sale. We welcome your call at 949.315.5533.


International Bible Study Tonight

Join us for a lively exchange
at 6:00 p.m. PDT
on Zoom
Click here a few minutes before the hour

Now hear this! Requirement for all attending the Bible study session tonight:

Please listen to last night’s BlogTalkRadio interview with Mike McCausland before our session as our discussion will be based on the interview.

Click on the next line to listen.


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6 Responses to 21

  1. Congratulations, Chandler, for surviving another orbit around the sun.
    We’d be interested to hear your unbridled comments about these past 21-years as well as your personal wishes, hopes and dreams for the next 21.

    What do you imagine the world will be like when you’re 42 (on 09/09/2041)?
    And, how do you envision yourself and your impact in the world at that time?

    Have your dad let you write a Catch or two!

    Shalom, peace….

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Happy birthday Chandler & prayers for the truck too!

  3. Priscilla says:

    Happy Birthday Chandler! 9/9 is also my son’s birthday!

  4. Sandy Campbell says:

    Happy birthday Chandler!!! You’re a very special young man and I know a joy to your parents. God has a plan for you and I know it’s amazing!! God bless!!! 🥰

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