“Together” means we are not alone. It means we belong to each other for the duration. It means that if you choose to mess up, you take me with you; and if I mess up, I take you with me. That’s the kind of thing that might make us think twice before we do something stupid. We have big words for this like “accountability” and “responsibility,” but in the end, it means that we are on a journey together. We are walking side by side.

Sadly, you can walk alone. You can let your relationships drop off until no one knows what you are doing anymore — you are suddenly walking alone — and that is a dangerous place to be. As social media people, we can have thousands of “friends,” but no one is actually walking with us.

Are you letting anyone into your life? “We’re All in This Together” means heart and soul, mind and strength devoted to the love of God and the love of others, and that’s not a general “others”: that’s your neighbor, the person you are walking with on your journey. Do you have someone like that, or, like me, do you need to stop and make a phone call?

Jesus asked twelve guys to join Him on a 3-year journey. He told them each the same thing. He said, “Follow me.” “Walk with me.” Not “Attend my seminar,” “Buy my book,” “Check out my online study,” “Join my Facebook page,” or “Become a member of my church,” but “Follow me.” Go where I go. Watch what I do. Sleep where I sleep. Eat with me. Walk with me. Talk with me. This is the God of the universe we are talking about here making Himself vulnerable to twelve companions.

It’s such a simple thing that is sometimes hard to do: walk with someone. I honestly don’t think you can say you are following Christ if you are not walking and talking with someone along the way — someone you can tell everything to. Heart and soul. Doubts and struggles. Joys and sorrows. It’s got to be everything or it’s not very significant.

I’m speaking to you and I’m speaking to me. Do you have someone with you or are you going it alone? And if alone, are you going to do something about that? Remember “We’re All in This Together.”


Campaign Update

We come together to complete this fundraising campaign because it is our joy and delight to further today what we began 8 years ago — a cyber-church reaching around the globe.  We are $12,799 towards our goal of $35,000.  We’re creeping up every day! Together, we can make this happen – and we must,  in short oder. Join those who have already begun…


Paul, San Jose, California

Tim, Hillsboro, Oregon

Steve, Nashville, Tennessee

Lisa, Sunland, California

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


Victor, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Herbert, Muskego, Wisconsin

Jennifer, Wesley Chapel, Florida


Roberta, Kent, Washington

Rona, Northampton, UK

Kent, Bryan, Ohio


Aline, Newport Beach, California

Mark, Garden City, Michigan

Lewis, Marin, California

Michael, Sacramento, California

Sandy, Florence, Mississippi

Laurie, Everett, Washington

Tom, Barefoot Bay, Florida

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

Lisa, Sunland, California

Laura, Campbell, California

Pat, Dundee, Michigan

Mike, Tucson, Arizona

Mike, Cambria, California

Tom, Oakland, California

Dave & Pat, Normandy Park, Washington 

Steve & Colleen, Keswick, Ontario, CANADA

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


To join them, click on the button below, right now,



“We’re All In This Together!”


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