So many questions; so few answers

But among those answers is only one that stands out, and it stands out because it is the only answer that answers every question: People need the Lord.

Q. Are we in the end times? Are these the last days? How many are left?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. Is there going to be a civil war? Are we on the edge of disaster?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. Are there really marxists on the left and fascists on the right? What about everybody in the middle who just wants to have a life?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. Is the pandemic for real? Is it a hoax? Should we get vaccinated?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. Is the divide really as bad as they say? Are we hopelessly divided as a nation?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. Who can you trust? Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? How do you know?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. How many more will die?

A. People need the Lord.

Q. What about the great American experiment? Is democracy dying?

A. People need the Lord.

It seems simplistic; it’s not. It’s actually quite complicated given what God had to do to arrange for His only Son to be the savior of the world, and what the Son had to go through to accomplish it. But once it was done, it became a simple answer needing only our faith to believe it and accept it. That’s why with all the instability and uncertainty there is in the world right now, to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is one truth that remains the same regardless of what’s on NBC, CNN or Fox News, or any other version of  the world out there, “that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” (John 20:31) That’s why people need the Lord.


Campaign Update

We come together to complete this fundraising campaign because it is our joy and delight to further today what we began 8 years ago — a cyber-church reaching around the globe.  We are $12,899 towards our goal of $35,000.  We’re creeping up every day! Together, we can make this happen – and we must,  in short oder. Join those who have already begun…

Kerry, Mason, Ohio

John, Coralville, Iowa

David, Lakeville, Minnesota

Olivia, Hong Kong

Paul, San Jose, California

Tim, Hillsboro, Oregon

Steve, Nashville, Tennessee

Lisa, Sunland, California

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas


Victor, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Herbert, Muskego, Wisconsin

Jennifer, Wesley Chapel, Florida


Roberta, Kent, Washington

Rona, Northampton, UK

Kent, Bryan, Ohio


Aline, Newport Beach, California

Mark, Garden City, Michigan

Lewis, Marin, California

Michael, Sacramento, California

Sandy, Florence, Mississippi

Laurie, Everett, Washington

Tom, Barefoot Bay, Florida

Cynthia, Harlingen, Texas

Lisa, Sunland, California

Laura, Campbell, California

Pat, Dundee, Michigan

Mike, Tucson, Arizona

Mike, Cambria, California

Tom, Oakland, California

Dave & Pat, Normandy Park, Washington 

Steve & Colleen, Keswick, Ontario, CANADA

Joe, Sugar Land, Texas

To join them, click on the button below, right now,


“We’re All In This Together!”

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1 Response to So many questions; so few answers

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Good Catch, yet why do you choice to ignore my remarks? I believe this is NOT the first time I posted this,,,

    “Hi Pastor John:

    Hope & pray this finds you & all of your loved ones doing & feeling well. Wanted to ask you how come you can find the time to figure out how to do and post in the Catch a video of you talking a need for money, yet seemly can’t about doing what you once did in reading the Catch?


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