Evangelical Veil Productions



Evangelical Veil Productions

Pick one up now at quite a reduction

Got all kinds of shapes and sizes

Introductory bonus prizes

Special quality one-way see-through

You can see them but they can’t see you

Never have to show yourself again

Just released a Moses model

Comes with shine in a plastic bottle

Makes you look like you’ve just seen the Lord

Just one daily application 

And you’ll fool the congregation

Guaranteed to last a whole week


Got a back-from-a-summer-camp veil

With a mountain top look it will never fail

As long as you renew it every year

Plus a special Jesus Freak file

Everyone comes with a permanent smile

A one-way button and a sticker for your car


Ever since people started wearing masks in this pandemic, I’ve been thinking a lot about Moses and his veil. It’s like everyone around me is suddenly an illustration for a message. The message is the real reason for the veil that Moses wore over his face all the time. It was to protect the people from seeing that the glory that made his face shine so brightly after being in the presence of God didn’t last. It faded.  It was nothing short of a cover-up campaign that no one but probably Aaron and Mrs. Moses knew about. 

Moses’ little scheme was necessary because he did not have the advantage of the Holy Spirit living inside him that all believers have today because of the new covenant Christ made. Moses, as the representative of the old covenant, just had the Law and his failed efforts to follow it. So the incredible brightness on his face from being with God once a year was just a surface thing that didn’t last very long, and Moses felt he had to do something to hide that fact for fear of the people losing confidence in his leadership. (You can follow all this in Exodus 34:29-35 and 2 Corinthians 3:12-13.)

So Moses wore his mask all the time. And, just like my COVID mask protects people from catching the virus from me should I have it and not know it, so Moses’ mask protected people from losing heart if they were to see the glory on his face fading away.

A similar kind of protectionism is at work in our lives today whenever we forget to trust the Spirit and put confidence in ourselves. We have to hide our failures and inadequacies just like Moses. We have our “evangelical veils.” Oh the masks we wear!

What makes this so unfortunate is that we don’t need to wear them. We don’t have to protect anyone from anything, because the Holy Spirit is alive in us and will make Himself known in spite of our failures and frustrations — even our sins. In the new covenant, we have nothing to hide.

So think about this as you go about your week and put on that mask every time you go out the door: You don’t need to cover up anything about your life with the Holy Spirit in you. He will come through every time.

How can you mend a broken heart? How can a loser ever win? By turning your life over to Jesus, and trusting His Holy Spirit in you for everything.

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2 Responses to Evangelical Veil Productions

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Liked Today’s Catch!

  2. Sandie says:

    When I began working with teens at a NY high school, I wore a mask. Under the guidance 0f well-meaning (but oh so wrong) older believers I had perfected the ‘walk’ and ‘talk.’ And now God had chosen me to enter one of Satan’s strongholds, the public school system. I was going to lay the Enemy low and reclaim this lost ground, by God! Well what got laid low was me. It doesn’t take long
    for teenagers to strip away every pretense you operate under; they instinctively know that under the pretense the ’emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!’ I am humbly grateful that God did that for me. I learned those kids needed ME, with all my scars and bumps and bruises laid bare. They needed to see me rise and fail. They needed to hear me say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” As my honesty and integrity grew, so did their respect, trust, and, in some cases, even love for me. Did I ‘save’ anybody? I honestly don’t know; besides that Jesus’ job. Did I bring them closer to Jesus? You bet I did…with my caring encouragement. my honest decisions, my loving discipline…all wrapped in the right kind of kindness. In truth, I found that I needed all of them much more than they needed me. God is good.

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