Human beings being human


Does anyone know whose dog this is?

We truly need a lovely story like this one right now. This is a neighborhood being a neighborhood. This would make Mister Rogers proud.

It started out last night when one of our Chihuahuas got out. His name is Churchill because he looks a little like Winston. He looks like he should be sporting a cigar, don’t you think? He’s a Chihuahua with the face of a bulldog and he’s never been beyond the confines of our small yard. So last night he somehow got outside the door and decided to venture out into the great unknown.

The problem with that around here is that not too many of the little dogs that go exploring ever come back. That’s because they make a perfect appetizer for the coyotes who have decided feasting on our well-fed pets definitely beats chasing down scrawny little rabbits out in the wild. Over the years, we’ve had two dogs and one cat meet such a cruel fate. So when Marti called me and told me about this while I was out running some errands, I must admit I wasn’t holding out much hope.

But by the time I got home, Marti was smiling broadly and talking excitedly to someone on the phone. Apparently, she had gone online to the Neighborhood app to post a notice about Churchill being missing only to find out someone had beat her to it. There was a picture of Churchill staring back at her with the following notice: “Found Dog. Does anyone know whose dog this is? He’s terrified. Found on Oak Street. Please call (phone number).”

Marti said she stared at the photo for a while before she realized it was him. She just wasn’t expecting it. This was followed up later in the evening by an outpouring of messages — over 60 “likes” and 34 comments. I think people were hungry for a good story with a happy ending. We’re certainly not finding anything like that on the news right now. And how nice to find people working together and happy for each other. It’s almost like Churchill was a little angel bringing joy to the neighborhood.

So now we know a neighbor across the street and about five or six doors up. And a little dog brought out the sympathies of almost a hundred people. And no one cared who anyone voted for or what party they supported. And no one even mentioned the right or the left or the up or down of anything. Just a little dog reunited with his family. Just a bunch of human beings being human.


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2 Responses to Human beings being human

  1. boromax says:

    This truly is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it!

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