Ring them Bells


Our Catch today comes by way of our Prayer Warrior Pastor, Merv Keck. Though John is home now and doing better, he is still not out of the woods yet, as the last setback came about where we are now in the healing process. So don’t stop praying.

Thanks to everyone for faithfully praying for John and Marti this week. Your continued persistence in praying boldly, fervently, and specifically is a Blessing to both John and Marti.

I received a text a few minutes ago from Marti asking me to update our team of Prayer Warriors on John’s condition. I’m sure you all read the Catch update on the Fischer family. Surely you are aware that John is having quite a bit of pain relating to bladder issues. Today, Marti asked me to ask you to pray for healing and for God’s will in this situation. Marti says that last night John was doing wonderfully, but woke up this morning in great pain.

As I am writing, I can hear bells from a nearby Church ringing. I haven’t lived in this apartment more than six months and I don’t even know which Church the bells belong to. There are several in this rural area that ring several times during the day. I have made inquiries, but no one seems to know. Every time I hear them it makes me think of John and Marti and smile. I still have the little bell from a few years ago when we gave bells out for Christmas. The Bible sometimes equates prayers with lights and sometimes with incense. I always think of bells.

Let’s ring them bells. Let’s make beautiful music in heaven and like David would do, let’s ask God respectfully, and with all the praise that God is due, let’s ask Him to please heal our friend and Pastor John Fischer.

And don’t forget if you have a prayer need that you can contact our prayer team any time through the prayer links provided.

Prayerfully Yours,


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5 Responses to Ring them Bells

  1. kellief4 says:

    John and Marti, y’all are in our prayers down here in Georgia. Until the email I had no idea just how much might be going on. Praying for Anne also. Sometimes when it rains it truly pours. Praying for healing, relief, wise and caring doctors and nurses, and a big dose of caregiver superpowers for you all.

  2. Peter Leenheer says:

    My heartfelt prayers are going up for you and your family Marti and John. I get the sense that your time is not yet come John so I pray you will have the strength to endure this bittersweet time. Looking forward to one of your Catches that have become such a rich part of my life.

  3. JOHN A FAGLIANO says:

    I hate the thought of John Fischer being in pain. I truly pray he will have peace in his body and mind knowing so many lives he has touched are all praying with him. When he does get back to writing catches, I have no doubt, he will have some godly wisdom that his experiences have taught him and he will share them with us in an honest personal way as he always does. God’s Blessings to the entire Fischer family.

  4. Wayne and Beth says:

    We are praying for relief and healing and comfort- so hard to get comfortable when we are in pain, Lord. Please send healing along with the season of pain. We place our hope in you.

  5. Mark D Seguin says:

    God’s speed to Pastor John & gorgeous Marti – both are missed & appreciated.

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