Our kingdom is not of this world


There is a movement of fear sweeping across this country that is sucking in a lot of Christians and sidetracking them into much useless endeavor. Christians who have staked their claim on saving a “Christian” America through politics are worried and afraid over what is happening to this country. Fear mongers are stoking the fires of fear over losing our liberties through socialism on one side and fascism on the other. Christians are up in arms. “We’ve got to do something!” many say.

They’re right. We’ve got to follow the Lord our God more fully. We’ve got to find our place in the body of Christ and use our spiritual gifts to serve one another. We’ve got to NOT be afraid. We’ve got to step away from trying to save America, something that God never asked us to do. We serve one God and one kingdom, and it is not of this world, and even the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. We’ve got to love God, love our neighbors and love our enemies. And when you fear your enemies it is impossible to love them, so fear must have no place in the life and heart of a believer. Today … any day.

As believers we are full of hope. But our hope is not in America; our hope is in the Lord. This is a great opportunity for the kingdom of God to move forward and to capture those who have lost hope in the systems and structures of this world. Our hope is in the Lord who made heaven and earth. His foot shall not be moved. His calendar is right on time. He is not surprised by anything. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

We worship Him online, via zoom, on the phone, in person, with or without masks — it makes no difference. No one can stop us from worshiping the Lord, and this is where our true joy comes from. Remember at all times, but especially now, our kingdom is not of this world. That is not just a saying; it is a reality. Focus on Christ and His kingdom, and on what God is doing in His church right here at the Catch. Find out what He wants you to do.

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2 Responses to Our kingdom is not of this world

  1. Sandie says:

    Petra sang it – “We Are Not Of This World.”
    Blessings to you John – I pray you’re on the mend; feeling better.

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