OK in Christ


As if we needed one more reason to be divided. On top of huge chasms in politics, conservative and liberal philosophies, racial divides, and the ever-widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots, we now have a generational divide fueled by a movement started on social media a couple of years ago and still resounding in some circles.

If youve missed it, the meme OK boomer” has become popular among young Gen Zers and millennials towards any person over 40 who says something condescending about them, or the issues that matter to them. Its a way of putting off the older generation as out of touch, closed-minded, and looking down on them. Its as if to say, OK, you baby boomer. Go ahead and just keep thinking your backwards, irrelevant thoughts that were just spoiled, tech-obsessed children, when youve wrecked our job prospects and our planet.”

Here at the Catch, the story is quite different. We have been celebrating, for some time now, the similarities and connections between boomers and millennials. We have noticed that millennials have been frequenting our site and we welcome them with open arms and open minds. As boomers, we want to learn. We believe that millennials have a lot to say to Christians in this country and to the church. We see some of the same questions we had when we were struggling with the institutional church in the 60s and 70s. We hear you and we want to learn more.

We have a millennial on our board and we meet regularly with Christian millennial leaders here in southern California. I have always been in close touch with Christian colleges in America and Canada, listening to students and learning what their issues are.

Our music on Music that Matters Radio is designed to connect new music with the same spirit found in original Jesus Music because we are singing the same tune. We will soon have a page on our website that will showcase the writing and the voices of millennials. We are working together, side by side, in building the kingdom of God on earth and preparing for the new frontier. The Body of Christ is multi-generational — we need each other.

Here at the Catch we reject the OK boomer” sentiment and prefer be a place where boomers and millennials are both OK. Or perhaps we should more correctly say we’re all not OK as “frail children of dust,” but OK in Christ. That’s an important distinction.

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2 Responses to OK in Christ

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    The generational labels are just another way of stereotyping people. As if all people of a certain age group think alike. I don’t think most people care about generational identity. They just don’t want to be judged for having a life that’s different from “the old days”. As this old “Far Side” suggests, critical old folks are nothing new.

    • Mark D Seguin says:

      Loved the cartoon and LOL over it too – Thx brother John!

      And absolutely LOVED your last paragraph Pastor John!

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