Declaration of a Marketplace Christian (Part 2)


This declaration is so central to all that we believe and represent here at the Catch that it is a permanent document always accessible at our website, However, I have found it necessary to review it often as it is prophetic and remains true to how we interact with the culture around us. Therefore I bring up Part 2 today as a Catch so that you, as fellow disciples of Christ, will review it, too, and see how we are doing. I also look forward to your comments as to how these declarations relate to your experience in the world today or any changes you might recommend. (Thanks to John Fagliano for a good suggestion for improving Part 1.)

Whereas:   We are followers of Christ who are wary about things that are given the cultural label “Christian”; and

Whereas:   “Christian” has become a term that has more to do with how one aligns oneself politically and socially, or how one behaves in relation to certain cultural mores, than it does with anything of the heart; and

Whereas:   We want to be Christians – but with a new definition;

We have come to the following conclusions:

We realize that we live in a world dominated by secular minds and philosophies. Because of our love for all people and our desire for them to know the love of Christ, we choose to learn about and interact with these philosophies rather than categorically reject them. When it becomes obvious that we have to part ways with the world to avoid compromise of our beliefs, we will do this in such a way as to not judge others who don’t feel as we do.

Though our hearts are connected to eternity, our feet are firmly planted on earth. For this reason we will strategize, barter, study and grow in two kingdoms. We have found that these two kingdoms need not always be warring against each other. We have found the things of God in the earthly world, and we have found evil in the kingdom of heaven, just as the parables of Jesus indicated we would.

We have learned to appreciate the artistic expressions of those who may not be following Christ. We will not begin with the assumption that they are wrong so that we can condemn them, but with the belief that they are right about something so that we can communicate with those who value their work.

We will not be threatened by “other paths to God” knowing that there is only one God and one way to reach Him, and if people are truly seeking Him, they will ultimately find their way to Christ even if they started out by way of another path.

We believe that wherever we go, God got there first. This means at least three things:

1) There is always something to find and embrace in the world, since God’s truth is everywhere.

2) We are never alone because there is nowhere we can go on earth or in heaven where God is not present.

3) There are many shoulders people are riding on other than our own. We do not have to finish everyone’s search; we are merely helping them along the way. If we happen to be there when someone comes to Christ, we will be overjoyed, but we will realize we are only part of a long line of witnesses who have prepared the way.

We do not have to determine whether a person is a Christian or a not before we know how to talk with him or her.  We speak to everyone in a universal language. Some may be drawn to us; others may be repelled. We do not know who is who – nor is it our responsibility to figure this out; we only point the way.

We can be fearless in the world because we know that Jesus is praying for our protection (John 17:15), and there is no power on earth or in heaven that can stand against Him.

Therefore, and for all these reasons, we do not have to hide in a subculture, nor do we have to spend all our efforts fighting society. We are not at war with the world. We love the world as God does because it is full of people for whom He gave His Son so that those who believe in Him might not perish but have everlasting life.

Since Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it, neither will we. And since, instead, Jesus came to save the world, we will put all our efforts to that end, knowing that He has already completed all the work necessary to save people. It remains only for us to let them know.

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3 Responses to Declaration of a Marketplace Christian (Part 2)

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    Reading this over several times, I can say there is nothing here that I would change. I think it is very well written and covers it all.

  2. Priscilla says:

    I agree with John. There is nothing that I would change.

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