Birthday pause


Taking a break from the Catch to celebrate my birthday. Will rejoin the Catch tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Birthday pause

  1. Bev Hromec says:

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    | | | Happy blessed and beautiful birthday, John! Thanks for who you are and what you do. God bless your year.    Happy hugs,Bev


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  2. kellief4 says:

    Happy birthday!!! I hope you make it a full happy birthday week!!!

  3. TimC in Oregon says:

    Happy Birthday !!

  4. Sandie says:

    May you be blessed as you have blessed me and countless others.

  5. Steve Peery says:

    God grant you many years my dear Christian brother! You have certainly brought many good years to so many through your proclamation of God’s love for humanity. Christ is Risen!

  6. Ian Hayden says:

    Happy Birthday, John!

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