Why Saint Ben?

downloadToday we begin a series on the story behind my novel Saint Ben. Marti and I have picked up this story again recently and were impressed with how timely it is to our current culture. Of course, nothing can substitute reading the book for yourself, but we will be outlining the story very briefly in the next few days which will provide us with something to talk about. Though the book is out of print, there are used copies available online; I just wouldn’t pay the $229 Amazon is asking for a new copy. If you can afford to pay $229 for a book, I suggest you buy a used one for $9.00 and send $220 to the Catch! That will be a much better use of your funds.

Right about now, some of you are wondering, “Why Saint Ben?” Here’s why we believe this story is timely for now.

Saint Ben is a wonderful piece of truth-telling. Only an eleven-year-old could get away with what Ben achieves here in an adult world, but in his persistence, he engenders the longing in us all to do the right thing no matter what the cost. Ben is unpredictable, but then again, his choices are totally inevitable if you know and understand the truth.

The time is right for a story like this. In a time of great ambiguity as to who to believe, when truth is literally twisting in the wind and no one can be trusted, we can more easily grasp in a simple child what might elude us in any other rendering. As you know, unless we become like children, we will not see the kingdom of God.

Believe me, once you understand Ben, you will be able to ask yourself, What would Ben do in this situation?” and nine out of ten times, your answer will be the right one.

People will find here what they are longing for but dont even know it. That in life and even in death there is an abundance of hope. Ben, who doubted all his life, leaves this world without a shred of doubt or confusion.

We all need to experience this little persons brashness, his insistence on truth, his contempt for convention, and in the end, his very sure faith.

… and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

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5 Responses to Why Saint Ben?

  1. Joshua Hoover says:

    I read Saint Ben when it was fairly new. Bought it at a bookstore! I read very little fiction but really enjoyed this story. Time to revisit it. 🙂

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Pastor John thought I’d let you know invited a Facebook friend that’s musically talented too. As you and Paul Stookey are… So thought she would enjoy the Catch….

    PS plus I’ve greatly missed reading the Catch!

  3. Toni Petrella says:

    I guess cannot say it enough that one must have faith then, now, and forever.

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