A Glimpse of the Face of God — Here and Now


Ministry is, first of all, receiving God’s blessing from those to whom we minister. What is this blessing? It is a glimpse of the face of God — Here and Now. 

Announcing the Vision and the Purpose

From the perspective of the gospel, fundraising is a form of Ministry.  It is a way of announcing our Vision, which is to introduce the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to Everyone, Everywhere, and inviting people into our Purpose, which is to develop disciples.  The Catch Ministry’s Vision and Purpose are so central to the life of God’s people that without a Vision we perish and without Purpose we lose our way. 

Therefore, from the perspective of the gospel, fundraising is not a response to a crisis.  

John Fischer panics

However, this is where I blow it. As the minister of this Ministry, I panic when I think the Vision and the Purpose are in danger of faltering.  

Even before the pandemic, it was known that the Catch Ministry, as any other nonprofit organization, is required to raise funds to cover the budgeted monthly expenses by conducting annual, semi-annual, and membership campaigns, and by our MemberPartners responding to our Vision and Purpose by providing individual gifts. 

However, during the pandemic when many within the Catch community were experiencing economic hardship, these campaigns were postponed and later canceled. This significant loss and the 30% drop in contributions while at the same time, investing further monies to keep up with the increased demand for our services, soliciting monies on an emergency basis was required. This caused an entirely negative cast to be imposed on what is a very positive thing, namely, the deep commitment of donors in support of the Catch’s Vision and Purpose. 

Making Right an Unfortunate Shortfall

This is an unfortunate shortfall on my part, a blind spot which is being corrected in the following manner:

  • Toward the desire to give dignity back to their major supportive roles, a thoughtful, annual plan for the involvement of our major investors with the ministry will be executed early enough in the new year to be able to treat both their support and the ministry with due respect.
  • To emphasize the importance of the MemberPartner efforts and contributions. we plan to introduce a recognition program that identifies known efforts, always with gratitude. We believe that in doing this, we will increase the sense of trust and appreciation, and motivate MemberPartners to remain engaged with the ministry.

A Vanguard Salute followed by Applause 

I ask the Catch community to join me in saluting these men and women who answered the door each time I banged on it or when I shouted even louder to let me in.  Each time, they responded by opening up their hearts and their financial resources in support of the Catch Ministry.   

They provided the financial stability as the ministry has labored through a pandemic during a time while many organizations did not stand.

These gracious people disappointed the enemy

All of us within the Catch community must be grateful for these gracious people.  The enemy is not happy that we maintained our Boots on the Ground — those who introduced the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to everyone they encountered.  He is not pleased that we continue to work to bring light to a broken world through one of the darkest times in human history.  And I promise you he tore off his hat and stomped on it because, in spite of the pandemic and the desire to look inward, the Catch community elected as a response to our “Your Participation Matters!” questionnaire to put their weight in support of the Catch Ministry as the voice of Christ to this century’s generations — to introduce Jesus to a new generation. Although we face financial, physical, spiritual and emotional stress like most of us have never suffered before, the enemy remains defeated.  

Thank you members of the Vanguard.  Like a house on fire that keeps on burning, you might feel like you are too tired to fight the fire any more or it feels like water supply has run out.  But the Vision and the Purpose of the Catch Ministry still stands, which gives us reason for heartfelt thanksgiving. 

Invest yourselves 

So now we have an unexceptionally short time to ask those who are recovering from the pandemic to participate with us in this Vision and Purpose of ours by inviting you to invest yourself through the resources that God has given you— your energy, your prayers, and your money—in this work to which God has called us. Our invitation is clear and confident because we trust that our Vision and Purpose are like “trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season and their leaves do not wither” (Psalms 1:3).

We are seeking to raise $15,000 — starting here, starting now.

An impossible feat?  Not if we collectively work together. 

Impossible, you say? 

That would have been my response before witnessing the Catch Ministry’s Vanguard and its pronouncement to those whose Grace is dormant and to those who do not know yet the Grace of God, the promise of the Catch Ministry’s Vision and Purpose.  

A call for a real transformation

Therefore, the Catch Ministry leadership and I join the Vanguard to call all of us within the Catch community to a real transformation.  And this call comes to both those who seek funds and those who have funds. Whether we are asking for money or giving money, we are drawn together by God, who is about to do a new thing through our collaboration,

See, I am doing a new thing!

    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

    and streams in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:19). 

Let us all receive God’s blessing.  What is this blessing? It is a glimpse of the face of God — Here and Now. 

Join Us

Join us on this first day of challenge to raise the $15,000 in support of the Catch Ministry’s Vision and Purpose. Please contribute by clicking on this link. 

PS: The One Voice, Many People Report from the “Your Participation Matters!” responses is currently in the hands of the Board of Directors.  

The One Voice, Many People is 72 pages long and is broken into two parts:

  • Part One of the report incorporates the responses from those who participated in the “Your Partition Matters!” questionnaire. Together, they discovered the real needs of the Ministry and identified the expertise and financial needs required to conduct the business at hand, which is to serve as the Voice of Christ to this century’s generations. Their understandings helped us identify goals, recognize areas that need improvement, and other pain points the Ministry is experiencing. 
  1. Part Two accesses the Catch Ministry’s community point of view and willingness to stand together as the Voice of Christ for this century’s generations.

What to expect: 

  1. Following the Board of Director’s review, an unabridged copy of One Voice, Many People will be made available to all participants in “Your Participation Matters!” Questionnaire for their good thinking as to whether we captured the essence of what was said.  Following the document’s rewrite based on their comments, we will make the study available to all Catch citizens.  
  1. During the weeks to come we will be drawing together the Road Map or Action Plan as to how best we, the many people, will move out with the one voice of Christ to this century’s generations. Stay tuned to learn how.  We promise you — you are not going to want to miss out on this opportunity to be one of many people who speak with one voice — the Voice of Christ to this century’s generation. 

Be one of the first to join the Vanguard. Contribute now. 

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2 Responses to A Glimpse of the Face of God — Here and Now

  1. Greg Stein says:

    I would like to do a monthly contribution, however I don’t/won’t use PayPal. Is there another channel? If not, it might be worth looking into. The Catch is my church and educational forum. I share you with friends and family. Even when I was Pastor of a church I counted on, and cited John often, on the insights gleaned from virtually every email. As I’m able I will be more diligent in my one time payments!

  2. jwfisch says:

    Thank you, Greg, and ‘m so glad to hear you are making good use of the catch. You can set up a recurring payment through PayPal using any major credit or debit card, or ion you prefer to stay away from PayPal altogether, some people set up monthly payments using their bank and we receive a bank generated check every month. Thanks so much for your support.

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