Beginning of the Living End


We’re talking about being the voice of Christ to this century’s generations. Well last night we found the voice of Christ in rock and roll to this generation in the inimitable voice and songwriting of Randy Stonehill. 

Randy was our guest last night for our second online Zoom revival meeting. If you missed it, you missed something special. There aren’t many opportunities to hear prophetic messages like this in today’s chaotic environment. We did record it and are working on making it available to everyone upon further notice, but when it comes to opportunities like this (like next Thursday) you’ve simply got to make like Nike and “Just Do It” and show up. Look, I know we’re all busy, but Catch community, we are, in Randy’s words, at “the beginning of the living end,” and it’s past time to start paying attention. 

The evening in the Spirit ended up being about two things. 1) Divine Appointments — opportunities to be used of God to speak into the lives of strangers and friends. Identifying that unction to speak. Spotting and missing opportunities. And 2) Hearing the prophetic word about these last days. Randy has been called by one Christian leader, Terry Clark, “the spiritual point man of the next movement.” And here at the Catch, we are all about movements like introducing the Gospel of Welcome — grace turned outward — to everyone everywhere as we peer into the new frontier like Moses looking over to the Promised Land. 

That’s why Randy’s song last night, “Beginning of the Living End” was bone-chilling in its prophetic call. In it we are admonished to “take a wake-up call from the thief up on the cross” and cry out for Jesus to remember us because it is the beginning of the end. But indeed, it is the “living end,” because if you know Jesus, the end is alive with eternity! 

I have included the lyrics to the song below and a link to a YouTube version of it for your own call to action. (Click on the song title to link to the video.) And put next Thursday night at 6pm Pacific on your calendar, for our last revival Zoom meeting for this year with special guest Paul Clark. 

And in the words of Randy Stonehill, “Reach for the sky!”


Beginning of the Living End

Words and music – Randy Stonehill


You better say what you need to say

You better do what you’ve got to do

Today has come it’s the only one the Lord has promised you

You know I had so many friends, so many have flown away

I turn around they’re gone, the list gets longer seems like every day

Hey hey hey…

Destiny’s calling you and me it’s rolling up around the bend

Reach for the sky, reach for the sky, reach for the sky

It’s the beginning of the living end


We fiddle while Rome’s on fire goin’ deaf from the madding crowd

Got bread and circus blind on purpose music pumped up loud

The Titanic’s going down, we’re just too scared to think

You can rearrange the deck chairs baby, ship’s still gonna sink

Hey hey hey….

Minutes flow like liquid gold man they’re never coming back again 

Reach for the sky, reach for the sky, reach for the sky

It’s the beginning of the living end


We wander through these ruins bewildered kings of dust

Sad and disillusioned betrayed by our own lust

This myth of the human spirit rising up against all odds

That’s the deadly dream of darkness from the mouth of man made gods


Every soul is a precious jewel everybody better count the cost

We should all take a wake-up call from the thief up on the cross

In Jesus’ beautiful eyes he looked into Eternity

Said, “I’m a guilty man now I understand won’t you please remember me.”

Hey, hey, hey, hey hear what I say

We’re all stained with the mark of Cain only holy blood can cleanse

Reach for the sky, reach for the sky, reach for the sky

It’s the beginning of the living end


For more on Randy go to


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5 Responses to Beginning of the Living End

  1. Toni Petrella says:

    Music is always a great way to reach folks and those words are so powerful. I always was moved by the thief on the cross who accepted Jesus at that moment. That was so emotional and proves its never too late as long as one is still breathing and awake. I hope this music reaches millions because its always great when their are more folks accepting Jesus and when that happens you have so many followers of all ages standing together.

  2. tornveil2 says:

    The link for Revival with Randy Stonehill …

  3. Talking about being the voice of Christ –
    “Kindness is that common language between us all.”

    Here is Steven Hartman “On the Road”:

    “This holiday season, few of us will have the resources to give back like this, but… we can all make an equal impact by using our wealth of words.”


  4. Toni Petrella says:

    My additional comment is about a serious tragedy in a town in Kentucky called Mayfield. I have family that live in that area and My Mom and Step Father live in Mayfield. Their house is alright as its in a subdivision away from downtown but, have no power. My brother who lives in Graves County a few miles from them has been cooking for them getting gas logs for heat helping in any way he can. I have been able to talk to Mom and she sounded good today. Wished her a Happy Birthday as she is 87 years young. My Stepfather is 96 years young. They were pretty lucky but, not for so many. That area of the nation needs prayers and any assistance anyone can provide. I want to thank the Catch for always being that positive energy to reach so many to find salvation thru Jesus our Lord and Savior. You all take care, God Bless, and have a great Tuesday and remember all those affected in Prayer.

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