Simply the Best


“I am tired of people criticizing my generation,” wrote a Millennial in our recent questionnaire. “Why can’t people just listen — and then call out the best in me? Even if they are considered an elder, I want a friend. I want someone to help me thrive and succeed. And I think I can help them see from a different perspective about what I see in them.”

“You’re simply the best,” sang Tina Turner in her landmark 1980s hit. What does it take to call out the best in someone? First, it takes noticing them and letting them know they matter. You matter. You are significant. You count. You don’t always have to tell someone this especially if you treat them as if they do. That’s even better than words. 

What if I told you that someone died so that you might live? Wouldn’t that make a difference? You were worth dying for. In Christian circles, we hear these words so often that the true meaning sometimes gets watered down. De-spiritualize it and think again about someone dying for you. Someone stepped in front of a bullet for you; someone pulled you off the track before they got hit; someone fell on a grenade for you; someone paid your sentence so you could go free. In all these cases there is a value placed on you that someone felt you were worth saving. 

That’s where our value begins. But there’s more — so much more. There is the fact that you are you. Your uniqueness makes you one of a kind. There is no one like you. You are the best version of you there is. No matter who you are, “You’re simply the best.”

But there’s more. There are spiritual gifts given out to all believers — some special way in which you contribute to those around you. You are gifted to give. 

All these things are first true about you, and then they are true about those around you so knowing this should color how we treat others.

Millennials are simply asking to be valued for who they are. And they are asking for a relationship — a friendship — with give and take. They’re not looking for a mentor as much as they are looking for a friend, and they are even willing be a friend with an “elder.” And if that’s you, and that makes you feel old, forget it. You’re only as old as you think you are.

Click here for a video of John reading this Catch

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2 Responses to Simply the Best

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Absolutely loved listening to you read the Catch as I read! Thank-you, thank-you and one more thx Pastor John, deeply appreciate it and you!

    You’re simply the best!

    PS I was a newer believer & follower of our Lord when it just kind of dawned on me this one day, that I MUST be special if the King of Kings & Lord of Lords was willing to die for me… Yet there are still times when I allow myself to think about that, I find myself crying like a little boy for happiness @ opening up Christmas presents from my parents – all us, their children knew we were kind of poor, YET my Mom & Dan ALWAYS made sure each of their 7 kids received a special gift on Christmas morning..

  2. Toni Petrella says:

    Thanks for such a great message. At times when I feel depressed I should always remember the Lord created us with each of us being unique and we are all special in his eyes and that is why he sent his Son Jesus to save us all and at times I really need to be reminded of that when I feel down and nice many younger folks mentioning about a friend and we all need that now more than ever.

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