Pioneering in the 21st Century

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Just what is pioneering in the 21st Century? Hasn’t everything already been mapped and charted? What frontiers are left? 

There is a vast uncharted spiritual frontier right now, because most churches and Christian endeavors are turning in on the world, not out. They are trying to settle in. They are focusing on safety. The threatening landscape is intimidating. Many people’s lives are unmanageable. They are seeking refuge in a frightening environment. 

People are afraid of the world. They are not looking for an opportunity to go into the world; they are looking for a fortress against the world. That’s why most Christian music today is what is called worship music. It’s not about the world, or a message to the world, it’s a message to God about how great He is and all the wonderful things He has done for us, which is all well and good, but we’ll be resounding that theme throughout all eternity. With all this worship music, we’re basically practicing for heaven. Sure it feels good and all, but it ignores the fact that we aren’t done yet. We haven’t completed the work God left us here to do. 

Christ left us with a mission and a prophetic message. Here at the Catch we call that message the gospel of welcome — grace turned outward — to everyone everywhere. That is not a message for the church; it’s a message for the world; and that means leaving — going out — packing up and heading for the frontier — places where no one has gone before — and that’s what makes us pioneers.

It’s time to wake up and get serious about our mission. Time to load up the wagons and break new ground. For us here running the Catch Ministry that means new programs and new inroads into the cyber community. For you with boots already on the ground, it means opening your eyes to the world around you and opportunities you face every day to fulfill your mission. It’s realizing that wherever you are in the world is your frontier. It’s your opportunity to love people, to build relationships that will enable you to turn the grace God has showered on you outward to someone else.

It’s about taking seriously your place in the world. Not just so you can somehow get through it, but to see it as a calling, a challenge, an opportunity to listen, study, and learn to understand the issues that will put you in dialogue with people in the world.

Before Jesus left He sent His disciples — and thus all of us — on a mission to make followers of Him among all the nations. It was a call to go. “Go and make disciples…” As long as we are still here on this planet, that means our work is not yet done. So find your frontier, set your course, and go! You’re a 21st Century pioneer.


by Nancy Honeytree (Click on title for a YouTube video of this song.)

Pioneer, pioneer

Keep pressing onward beyond your fear

Only the Father goes before you to your own frontier

Youʼre a pioneer

Uncharted wilderness stretches before you

And you thrive on going where no one has gone

Still it gets lonely when darkness deepens

So sing by the fire until the dawn

You travel light, and you travel alone

And when you arrive nobody knows

But the Father in heaven, He is glad you can go,

For those who come after you will need the road

And what you have done, others will do

Bigger and better and faster than you

But you canʼt look back; no, you gotta keep pressing through

Thereʼs a wilderness pathway and itʼs calling you

Calling you, calling you clear

Keep pressing onward, you can’t stay here…

Only the Father goes before you to your own frontier

Youʼre a pioneer

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3 Responses to Pioneering in the 21st Century

  1. Toni Petrella says:

    This is a great message and the picture also helps. Think about those folks long ago who traveled west in our nation to make a new home for themselves and or friends, family coming along. God has always had a plan for each of us and as long as we are still breathing we are not done yet. So many more folks need to know his Son Jesus and what he did for each and every one of us.

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