Strange Weapons


Today our Catch is a video. There have been videos along with most of these Catches on Gideon, but for this one we are going to let the video stand on its own.

It’s called “Strange Weapons,” and if you know anything about the story of Gideon, you know God sent Gideon’s 300 off with a weird collection of items with which to defeat the Midianites. And in God’s ingenious plan these items turned out to be responsible for the death of 120,000 warriors before Gideon and his 300 even got there. God often leads us in unorthodox ways that don’t make sense without a living God in the center of the story.

So enjoy the video. We’ll discuss it more in our next Catch.

This series on Gideon is dedicated to our wonderful MemberPartners who hold this  venture together with their faithfulness, and support, and put their boots on the ground all over the world! We’d love for you to consider joining them!

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1 Response to Strange Weapons

  1. peter leenheer says:

    Deuteronomy 20, ‘Regulations for War’ is just as peculiar. The call for able bodied men to be soldiers is made. All the able bodied young men are sent home and what is left is an ‘army of old age pensioners’. note that the first thing this army has to do when it engages into battle is offer peace. As Gideon found out, God was re-illustrating the point he made in Scripture, ‘ I fight your battles so depend on me’. A good point for all of us in all circumstances.

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