Needed: every day hero

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This Catch will be brief. We have an unplanned visit to prepare for this morning, but I hope you were encouraged and instructed by our recent series revisiting the story of Gideon: Mighty Hero. And though he was a hero in freeing the nation from the Midianites, the rest of the story leaves much to be desired, which points to the fact that God is after how we live every day, not how we rise to meet special occasions. Gideon failed the every day test, not realizing he could live every day with the strength with which he faced the Midianites. Yes, even though this was the Old Testament and the Holy Spirit wasn’t indwelling believers as He is today, God was still available to those who wanted to follow Him. 

I also want to encourage everyone to listen to our BlogTalkRadio interview last night with Doug Stevens. Doug visited Uvalde, Texas shortly after the shooting there that took the lives of nineteen 10 and 11-year-olds and two teachers. Doug talks about the shock and grief of the people of Uvalde, of what comfort the scriptures and worship can be, and of our need to be available to come alongside Millennial and GenZ people who are depressed and isolated and who might be prevented from carrying out such horrendous acts if someone reached out and actually cared for them.

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  1. Toni Petrella says:

    Every day I pray for the families of victims in mass shootings and starting with the families of those murdered in Uvalde Texas. I cannot imagine but, pray each day for God to bless them with his spirit, giving them comfort, and understanding at this really sad time. To all the families of victims in mass shootings take care, God Bless, and keep the faith.

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