Hemingway slept here

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Richard Mouw, President Emeritus of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and our guest last week on BlogTalkRadio told a story about a janitor he got to know when we had a job as a night watchman. He related how he really didn’t like the janitor very much. He wasn’t very intelligent, he talked a lot when Rich wanted to do other things, and just basically irritated him. One night when he was chatting the janitor brought up somebody named Ernie. He went on and on about “Ernie” as if Richard knew who he was talking about. Finally Rich asked him who was this “Ernie” guy he was always referring to. “Oh,” said the janitor. “I guess I didn’t tell you, that was Ernest Hemingway.” Turns out that for three summers this janitor was Hemingway’s fishing guide on special trips. They were together all the time — even slept in the same tent. This definitely made a difference in how Rich viewed this person. 

Now does this mean the man suddenly possessed a worth he didn’t have before Rich knew this about him? No. It only means that Rich suddenly saw him as what he was — someone with great value as a person made in God’s image and as someone with a fascinating story. 

You know what? That works for everyone. Everyone has incredible worth no matter who they voted for, no matter what social class they are in, whether they are smart or dumb, or what religion they follow or none, or whether they were top of the class or bottom of the special needs group — everyone has worth because they were made in the image of God, and everyone has a fascinating story to tell. And if you care enough, you may get to hear it.

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