A God like us

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.)


Here are a few things Chandler and I found on the road during our recent trip through the southwestern United States.

Small towns are dying. We came upon town after town where more than half of the buildings were dilapidated and boarded up. It seems like an awfully long way back for some of these places and you really wonder if they can recover at all. A coffee shop in Blythe, California, that had been the center of activity in that town for over 70 years was boarded up and for sale. These were most likely businesses that were operating on a shoestring before Covid, and the closures killed them. We need to pray for small town America and the people whose lives depend on it.

We also found there is a growing fascination with the extraterrestrial in this part of the world and a perceptible rise in interest in outer space in general. A huge meteor crater in Arizona that I can remember visiting as a child by driving up to the edge of it and peering over a vast hole in the ground now is a complex of buildings with shows and exhibits exploring all aspects of space and meteorites. For a $25 entrance fee, you could easily spend a whole day just reading and viewing videos. Chandler liked the fact that there were small meteorites you could see and even touch. Imagine touching something from outer space that contained metals not found here on earth. 

And then there was Roswell, New Mexico, and its UFO Museum full of UFO stories and pictures of close encounters with aliens — including alleged abductions. Fact or fiction? Hard to say. But one thing I’ve always wondered about is if we are in God’s image, in whose image are these guys with the big black eyes? God is the God of this universe. If there is other life out there, I have a feeling they would look like us. But then again, this stuff is way beyond our speculation. 

It is good to know, however, that God is like us, and Jesus, who is the expression of the fullness of God, is someone on whose chest John could rest his head. How good it is to know that God is not scary or weird, but compassionate, loving, and one who is touched by our infirmities and our weaknesses.

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4 Responses to A God like us

  1. John A Fagliano says:

    Being made in God’s image does not mean we look like God physically. It means out of all the amazing things He created we are the only beings like Him. Think of the sun, oxygen and water. We need all those things but they don’t need us. We are the only ones of His creation who can love, forgive, make sacrifices and yes, need each other because we need Him. If these other creatures are also in His image, then they too can commit to loving their children unconditionally for a lifetime the way God does.

    And here is something to wonder about. What if their planets were also infected by sin? Would God become one of those things with big black eyes to die for their sins too?

  2. paul sonkowsky says:

    When it comes to speculating about how God might relate to life on other planets, C.S. Lewis explored the idea in his “Space Trilogy” series. ^_^

  3. Toni Petrella says:

    Hard to imagine how God would relate to life on other planets but, always hopeful he would love those folks as much as he loves us unconditionally.

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