No confusion in the kingdom of God

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Soon, citizens of the United States of America will exercise a privilege many citizens do not have in this world. We will participate in our own government’s mid-term elections. We will choose representative leaders and we will vote on various rules and laws that impact our lives and our government. It is a great privilege, but it is deeply flawed, as are we. Our “kingdom” is not next to godliness. It is a country of imperfect people lead by imperfect leaders. In short, this is a wonderful country but it goes so far. This is America; it is not the kingdom of God.

This is why we must temper our arguments and or emotions. Our country is not even mentioned in the Bible, nor is there any great power in biblical prophesy of the end times represented as coming from the West. We have an inflated idea of ourselves. We are way too self-important. As Rob Stutzman said in our BlogTalkRadio interview Tuesday night, we need to get over ourselves, get down on our knees and start washing some feet.

So vote, because it is our privilege and responsibility as citizens, but do not hang your hopes on this government, nor think that this government has the capability of acting as the kingdom of God on earth.

The kingdom of God is something else. The kingdom of God is not a democracy ruled by an elected president; it is a kingdom ruled by a King. We don’t vote on our laws in the kingdom of God; we already have them. They have been handed down from above. Nor do we vote on our King; we serve Him.

The kingdom of God is here, but it is also in every other government and every other nation on earth. It’s a kingdom where people love and obey the King of kings. He alone is Sovereign and His rule is forever. Amen.

Therefore, there is no “Christian vote” because the systems of elected government are way too ambiguous to operate at every level on the values of the kingdom of God. With only two parties to choose from, politics is all about compromise. Some Christians will choose one side because certain issues are important to them. Other Christians will choose the other side for the same reason. Both will swallow certain issues they disagree with for the sake of the ones they deem more important, and herein lies the compromise. Thus Christians will (and should) vote all over the political map, and this is a good thing. So temper all arguments, and love your enemies.

We must see this earthly kingdom as what it is – human and fallible – and refuse to enter into the divisiveness and vitriol that is everywhere today. We want to be on good terms with everyone for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is commonly said that there are two subjects to be avoided if you want to stay out of an argument with anyone: politics and religion. It is good to remember that the kingdom of God is not determined by either.

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king (who at the time of this writing was one of the worst dictators in history). (1 Peter 2:13-17)


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5 Responses to No confusion in the kingdom of God

  1. John Fagliano says:

    Another excellent Catch. I hope most Christians in America realize this is true.

  2. peter leenheer says:

    Often, when John writes such a hard-hitting Catch, The Catch Community is usually strangely quiet in lack of comments. Why that is, I dont’t know but I can’t keep quiet about this Catch.

    We have an inflated idea of ourselves. We are way too self important…”we need to get over ourselves and get down on our knees and start washing some feet.

    Way to shoot from the hip, john. I needed to hear this because just recently I recalled that at one time, I actually thought that I was a 100% right. Man, what a comedown when I realized that I was conning myself.

    King Nebuchadnezzar had to be insane for 7 years before he was appropriately humbled from his arrogance. America needed Donald Trump to realize that, but I am not sure America did ie. If you vote for such a president you must agree with him to some degree…so what does that say about you?

    America does not have the corner on self-importance. Read jeremiah 13: 1-9 to what God thinks of that—-it is like filthy underwear. Israel suffered from it as well. God often has to be spiritual acrobatics to make us see it, just read some of the antics God asked of some of His prophets.

    Whether people at the Catch agree or not is not the point. This is John’s message to the catch community. God put this on his heart to tell us. It is up to us what we do with this message, and we will have to answer to God for that some day. John had to say it to us, because if he didn’t the responsibility of that stays with him. but he did say it so….What are we going to do about it?

    Let us follow the example of what John Stutzman said…we need to get over ourselves, get on our knees and start washing some feet. While we are on our knees I suggest that we spend inordinate amounts of time in travailing prayer.

    Thanks, John, for having the guts to say what needed to be said. Jesus did and his purpose was not popularity.

    • Not trying to be contentious, Peter, but what you would have people say?
      The lack of replies does not indicate a lack of hearing ears and opinions (pro or con) but, rather, a lack of engagement on the Catch’s part.

      The meat may be in the message but the follow-up is barely a sip of tepid water:
      A thought-provoking Catch is posted, comments are made or questions asked, a reply may/may not be forthcoming, and if there is a response then it’s a general sentence or two.
      An exception usually occurs when the Catch touches on hot-button issues and certain respondents go berserk.

      Otherwise, there is very little “iron sharpening iron” because there is very little exchange, very little dialogue or interaction between cyber-pastor and cyber-congregants.
      It is, for the most part, a one-way street.
      (That’s not necessarily true for the other projects and ministries the Fischer’s are engaged in; I’m only talking about the Catch of the Day Devotionals.)

      Thus, over these many years the cyber-community has become accustomed to this “brushing off” and, so, will wait and watch for each day’s posting, read and process it, and then move on.
      What’s the point of being involved and saying anything when the only response will be that of barely-chirping crickets – or nothing at all?

      Can this be rectified or resolved? Or is there even a desire to do so?
      Is it even recognized as an addressable issue? I don’t know.
      But, as they say, it is what it is and I suspect many are content to just leave it be.

      Thank you though, Peter, for your thoughtful contributions!

      Shalom, Peace…

  3. peter leenheer says:

    Correction: God often has to ‘do’ (not ‘be’) spiritual acrobatics.

  4. peter leenheer says:

    Thank you, Bob for that perceptive answer. You crystallized my thinking, so I now understand intellectually what I did instinctively. Thank you for that.

    I was hoping that my appeal would create some sort of multiple statements of agreement with the Catch of today in the comment department. It was a faint hope, because I have seen the same patterns in the cyber community you have. In fact, this type of behavior of avoiding action was present before there was a cyber community. We love to discuss issues but when it comes to action the majority go awol hence the need for leaders. I too have been guilty of that. Many times I have said, “Hey that is a great idea, somebody should do something about that!” That ‘somebody’ obviously is not me?

    I have learned that prayer moves mountains, and therefore put that appeal out there but perhaps did not emphasize prayer enough. If one prays long enough you will discern that coincidences happen, but as soon as you stop praying so do the coincidences. Being in it for the long haul so to speak, is rather an anachronism in a micro-wave society. Prayer requires very little effort, but you appeal to the one who made the universe, now that will create action.

    Once again thank you for that very worthwhile answer. In fact, I have also enjoyed your contributions, hence the respect for this very poignant and personal one.

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