New Year’s Greeting


My wife, Marti Fischer, CEO of the Catch Ministry, texted this New Years message to our immediate family and I thought it would be appropriate for our entire Catch community. After all, we are a family, too, and we are here for each other. 

No matter what occurs or as far as we are concerned, let’s promise each other to hold in our hearts the fact that we are a family with deep roots, because of the love we hold for each other. And might I recommend we call each member to our minds with supreme fondness and call our hearts to pray for each other by name each day.

May we never forget the poetic genius of God to bring his power in the form of our Savior in straw poverty — a poverty that brings each of us to our knees in gracious gratitude. We are loved, and because of His unconditional love, we can love each other like no other can. This New Year offers many, many new beginnings for each other, intended to bring us closer together as one amazing family.

God Bless this family of ours and Happy Near Year to us all!

John & Marti Fischer

The Catch Ministry Board of Directors

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6 Responses to New Year’s Greeting

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Ohhh brilliant, gorgeous and lovely Marti! Pastor John she is a great woman, wife & Mom as I’m SURE y0u know!

  2. Donna L. Kinsler says:

    Beautiful Marti
    You’re a blessing


  3. Mark Dennis Seguin says:

    Dear Pastor John & gorgeous Marti as I reread your blessing this morning it once again touched my heart and would like to share it w/ your permission to Rod my awesome Amway sponsor, OK?

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